Monday, 28 January 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 21 - Inspired by a Colour

Is it just me or does this weeks challenge seem a bit of a cop out? Inspired by a colour? Any colour? I took it to mean that I could do anything at all. So I did.

After several failed attempts at trying to create a blurple that I was happy with, I gave up on that idea. My attentions then turned to turquoise and a 'glitter' top coat I had recently bought so I decided to just go with it.

I used 2 coats of Models Own Top Turquoise. What a lovely colour. I really enjoy a good turquoise lol and this is definitely a good one. The top coat is Nails Inc Brick Lane Grafitti, which is packed with black and white 'glitter' (the inverted commas are because glitter should really be shiny but this isn't). There are teeny tiny black and white dots, larger but still small black and white hexes and black and white bars. This is one coat. It's pretty dense. Also it's hard to put the glitter where you want it because it's so small it's not very moveable. I really like this look but I wish the white was more.. white. lol it's a bit like Nubar White Polka Dot in that the white is sheer and pearlised. I would rather it was opaque like the black. That's my only complaint about this though, I really like the look it gives.

This is Top Turquoise on its own. It's slightly more green irl but I couldn't capture the colour.

Gem chose a really gorgeous colour this week!

"I kind of cheated and picked my favourite nail polish colour which is a mix of red, purple and pink, I'm never sure which describes it better.
This is OPI No Spain No Gain and Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle. I used to have my hair a similar colour and I loved it, but as it got longer it was too much to re-dye every week. I love Razzle Dazzle, it's such a nice glitter and it's opaque enough to wear on it's own as well."

Totally not cheating if you ask me, the challenge was very non-specific and this is such a lovely colour I can see why she picked it! I actually have a mini DL Razzle Dazzle from my December 2011 Glossy Box (back when Glossy Box was actually worth the money..) but I haven't used it yet. It's so cute though in its little bottle lol aww. The pain of hair dye is something I know all too well. I don't dye it any more for the exact same reason. Plus I don't hate my natural colour any more. Yay me.

Anyway I love Gem's nails, they look so classy and red suits everyone =) thanks Gemma and best of luck with your deadlines this week!

That's it for now! Why don't you see what Alli did for her nails this week?


EDIT: Added Gems picture and comment.. and then rambled a bit afterwards..


Annabelle said...

I love it and the colour is sooo pretty!! <3
Great post as always Leisha!! <3
Lots of love from

Leishasaurus said...

Thanks Annabelle =) that's very sweet! xxx

KarenD said...

Matte glitter is a thing now--seems a bit strange, but so did matte nail polish when I first saw it. :)