Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Ok final post of the day I promise! I just wanted to show you my nails =)

Check out my instagram prowess! Also, GIRAFFES!! 
I used Models Own Beth's Blue as the background colour and my nail art pens for the rest. The brown colour is Barry M Mushroom =)

I managed to stab the ring-finger giraffe in the face with some black.. it looks like he's crying.. they're starting to chip now which makes me sad..


Liebster Award

So the lovely Carol from Laquerised gave me an award! My very first award! It's probably because I have so few followers (judging by the terms) lol but I like to think that it's because my blog is amazing ^.^

Here it is, in all its pink glory!

So I have to do a few things now:
     1.Put the link to who gave you the award
      2. Put the award in your post
      3. Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers and give them the award
      4. Let them know that you have awarded them

1. Is easy, I can do that! Please click HERE to go to Carol's blog, she's lovely!
2. I did that already (yay me!)
3. Ah. This will be harder lol right, here goes..

Caryn from Carynxox
Lucy from Lucy' s Nails
The lovely Gretal Rabbit

I want these bloggers to know that I picked them because I love their blogs and that deserve lots more followers than they already have! I can't believe Alex only has 3 followers! We need to change that. Lucy has some really cute nail designs too! Please check out these blogs if you get a chance =)

I'm starting on number 4 now! 
Thanks again Carol!

Right then!

Ok. I think we all know that it's got beyond the point of apology, so I'll just state the obvious and say that I haven't been blogging recently (read: for 6 months) due to many things, new job, attempting to change my computers graphics card only for it to result in the horrifying blue screen of death, etc. But it's fixed now (had to change the slave and master drives around but I don't want to bore you with that). Even better, I have recently (this week) acquired a laptop, albeit a second hand one, which makes things a lot easier (as in, I can watch TV and type at the same time. Win.). So here I am. 

I guess after not having a pc for a couple of months I didn't have that urge to rush back into blogging. It seemed like a massive effort and there are so many people that do it much better than me. My brother instilled a two month nail polish buying ban on me between February and April due to the fact that I finally bought myself Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air (totally worth every penny!!) in his presence. Men just don't understand that £16 for a nail varnish isn't excessive. Ok maybe it is a little bit, but this was a Lippmann! A LIPPMANN! Seriously, you girls will get the importance of this purchase. But Geo just told me off, said that it was a ridiculous amount to spend on 15ml and that I couldn't buy any more for 2 months. I considered telling him where to go, but I thought that 2 months would give me lots of time to save up for a massive splurge in late April! This didn't happened. My money has been absorbed into the overdraft left over from my degree. Joy. I managed it though, which I wasn't sure I would. It was touch and go whilst there were Leighton Denny polishes that came free with a magazine (I forget which one) but I held fast. So I'm pretty impressed with myself  =) I have a London trip planned with Gemx in June, which I'm already majorly excited about, so I'll treat myself then! Happiness =)

Anyway I was thinking about totally revamping this blog, changing the name, changing what I talk about etc.. I do still love nail polish, but I only really do my nails properly once or twice a week now because I simply don't have time to spend ages decorating them. My mum's asthmatic so I can't paint them near her, I have to sit up in my room and tbh I get a bit lonely up there (except when Willow-cat is about but she doesn't like the smell of polish either). I'm wondering whether to create another blog for my non-nail related ramblings or whether to keep it all in one place. At the moment I'm thinking all in one place because two blogs seems like hard work and this one might get neglected. I feel that my blog is "just another nail blog" at the moment so I'm going to inject some of my personality into it. Therefore there might be random posts that have nothing to do with nails whatsoever. If you don't want to read them then please just skip them, I won't be offended, in fact I won't even know! But this blog is for me and I'm going to fill it with lots of Leisha-type things! Obviously I hope that you'll like them too but if not that's ok =)

It's good to be back, by the way! I've missed you guys!

And one of you was adorably sweet enough to leave me an award even though I hadn't posted for half a year! Thank-you for that, the email popped up in my inbox and got me excited to post again so really, thank-you! I'll do a separate post for that! Anyway, I'm going to post the nails that I'm wearing today separately too, I think this post is long enough!

Hello again everybody!