Monday, 21 January 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Week 20 - Water Marbled

Wow only 11 weeks to go! Then what am I going to do haha!

My water marbled nails didn't turn out exactly as I expected.. the colours didn't pop as much as I wanted them to, probably because I didn't use a white base (couldn't be bothered). I had fun though! Yes I managed to dribble polish all over my desk.. yes my hands got covered in it.. yes I have just spent the last 10 mins frantically trying to get it out of my dressing gown, but hey it's worth it right? Believe it or not these pics are post-clean up, it just didn't want to come off!

The colours I used were Models Own- Beth's Blue and Prussian Blue, Barry M- Lemon Ice Cream and China Glaze- Traffic Jam.

I did my right hand first (top pics) and my left (dominant) hand second (bottom pics) and as you can see they're pretty different! I got better at making patterns as I went along.. I like both though, I just wish I'd been more careful with it haha!

*Tape all of your fingers leaving the nail bare before you start. Trust me you'll be glad of this even though you won't be able to move your fingers properly.
*Choose a mix of both light and dark colours to give your water marble some contrast.
*If you have made a particularly nice pattern, dip more than one finger at a time! I did the 4 fingers on my left  hand in one fell swoop which meant I used a lot less polish/time.
*Don't stab your freshly marbled finger with the cocktail stick when trying to remove excess polish from the water. I did this a lot because I wasn't paying attention and as a result I have blobs all over my nails.
*Make sure there is no cat hair floating in the water BEFORE you drop the polish into it.

Gem's nails are a lovely mix of colours this week!

"Ok...I apologise for the awful picture/nails/disaster. I'm really glad Leisha's nails came out all pretty and lovely, because mine are AWFUL! I was worried that no one could replicate the lovely water marbled nails I've seen on other blogs. Definitely, well done to Leisha, it must have taken you ages! :)

I had a base coat of Illamasqua Raindrops and in my head I was thinking of adding blue and white and imagined myself being left with a pretty bluey/grey water marbled nails in the end. In my head they were awesome...instead I made a lot of mess and was left with ugly, bubbly bleurgh! I tried :P And I apologise for sharing this picture. I think I need to have another go at this at some point, when I've recovered from the experience."

Bless her lol I don't think it's a disaster at all! I love the colours together actually and think that they work really well. It's a shame there are some bubbles but sometimes it's very hard to avoid. I think the disappointment comes from it not turning out as expected but neither did mine. Water marbles have a mind of their own you just have to go with it! Next time I'd suggest a white base and including the Illamasqua (of which I am very jealous lol) in the marbling =) I like the ring finger best, it looks like the crest of a wave! 

Don't forget to check out Alli's pretty pink marbled nails!!


EDIT: I change the post to include Gem's nails because I accidentally pressed Publish instead of Preview earlier! (Oops).


Alexandria said...

SO PRETTY OMG. I love the colours way too much here. Ahhh I wish mine had turned out this well!


Annabelle said...

Lovely post but I think I will stick with basic colour and top coat !! <3
Lots of love from

Leishasaurus said...

Thank-you so much! It really wasn't hard so don't be scared to have a go, Annabelle! There are tons of tutorials online that explain it step-by-step =) I'm really glad you both like it! xxx

Sandra said...

This looks amazing!