Monday, 25 April 2011

Jade Sparkle!

It's official. I love it when boots have 3 for 2 on make-up! I ventured into the Ipswich branch on Friday and came away with 6 new nail polishes! I originally wanted the Barry M pink crackle and a Models Own polish, but when I saw the 3 for 2 I think I went a bit crazy.. I got 3 Models Own polishes, Jade Stone, Blooboo and Juicy Jules. 

I wanted to get more but I figured that I love all of the pastel ones so I might as well buy the set on the website! Jade Stone is very similar to my Barry M Mint Green, but the polish itself is so creamy it covers completely in two coats to a lovely even consistency! Even though I have a similar colour I am very pleased that I picked this one up! Blooboo I just couldn't put down once I had picked it up, the colour is so pretty and the subtle blue shimmer within gives it a lustrous quality! I adore this colour and I can't wait to use it! I got Juicy Jules because I am such a sucker for holographic glitters.. and I am so pleased that I chose to get it! The glitter particles are so densely packed inside that one application over a base colour gives an amazing glitter finish! It's truly beautiful and I can't stop staring at it in the sunshine!

I got my Barry M pink crackle and figured that I might as well pick up another 2 of their colours for an extra £2.99! I got Shocking Pink and Pink Flamingo. The former my friend Carrie got for her birthday and it's a really bright hot pink that almost glows! The latter I have had my eye on for a while, it's a lovely pink with a slightly orangey tone to it. Considering I don't really do pink it's quite something for me to come away with 3 new pink polishes! 

I saw my best friend Laura that night at her sister Beth's flat. I showed Beth my new polishes and did her nails for her! She adores pink so I did a Shocking Pink base with the pink crackle over the top and pink glitter to finish! I think it looks really good and she absolutely loves it! 

I really wanted to try out my new Models Own polishes, so I did a base coat in Jade Stone and covered it in a coat of Juicy Jules. It is stunning. Really. I was thinking about painting flowers on top but I love it so much that I didn't want to cover any of the glitter! It's going to be really hard for me to resist putting a coat of Juicy Jules over every polish that I use from now on! I am so hooked on Models Own now. How did I live without this brand before? I'm back at uni now and the Winchester Boots doesn't stock it so I have a feeling I will be making use of the website an awful lot!

Anyway, you should totally go to boots whilst the 3 for 2 is on and grab yourself some Models Own polishes! 3 for £10 is an absolute steal given the quality and colours of these polishes. You will not regret it!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Crackle Top Coat!

So I once again left it too late to do my nail polish before going out so I had to take it with me haha! It's becoming quite a regular occurrence for me to be sat doing my nails in the pub before heading out to the rock night at Liquid! Anyway, there I was, in the pub with my nail polish trying not to become too engrossed as to lose my place in the conversation with my friends.

The design I chose was pretty simple. I had dug out my Barry M black crackle top coat and chosen a nice glittery red, No7 Cherry Tang, for the base colour. The polish pretty much did the job for me! It was pretty lazy nail art compared to usual but I didn't have enough time to really go to town with them! I didn't get the red as evenly covered as I would have liked, mostly because of the poor quality of light within the public drinking establishment but they look pretty good considering! I did manage to smudge them a bit when picking up my bag as it was time to leave, but never mind.. They look good and I've had lots of comments on them!

Barry M also have other shades of crackle polish out, and Models Own are releasing lots of colours very soon (as mentioned in a previous post) so I am excited to get my hands on other colours to try! This particular polish dries to a matt finish which is a nice contrast with the shine of the red beneath! I haven't used a clear top coat because I'm happy to preserve the different textures.

Anyway, there we are! Red and black crackle nail art! Ta da!


Monday, 11 April 2011

Previous Nail Art!

Well OK so I realised that I hadn't actually put up any of the pictures of my nail art up on here.. I posted a few pics on FB so you might have seen them before, but I figured it would be nice to put some one here too! =) So here is the nail art that I have done so far! There are more too but These will do for now, I may put more up later! Hope you like!

So what do you think?


Models Own - Golden Peach

I do so love my little brother lol we were in boots and I noticed the Models Own stand with its brightly coloured nail polishy goodness all lit up and displayed nicely.. and he said that he would buy me one providing that I could choose it within two minutes. Now, I am utterly useless with decision making at the best of times but when it comes to nail polish it can take me hours to choose so two minutes was pushing it a bit! I did narrow down my selection to three or four and after panicking a little bit decided on a gorgeous shimmery shade called Golden Peach. Oh boy am I glad I chose this colour! I was so excited about trying it out that I was a bit hasty in removing the deep teal colour that I had on and made my fingers blue. I scrubbed them but the colour wouldn't come off so I had to wait -.- lol.. patience is a virtue right? So the next day, after dreams of peach nail colour, I set about making my fingers pretty! My base coat of choice at the moment is one that I picked up in poundland, it's GOSH vitamin booster, it goes on nice and smoothly and I don't feel bad about using lots of it because, hey, it was only £1! 

The peach colour itself is amazing, it has golden yellow flecks in it but they are small and create a sheen that is very visible in all lights! These pictures were taken a week after application and up until just now when I bashed my finger accidentally had absolutely no chips in them! This has to be one of the longest lasting polishes that I own! I applied two coats and forgot to put a top coat on even! So it's not like I even tried to protect the colour!

So yeah I'm just going to rave about the quality of this product for a bit! At £5 my brother thought I was crazy.. and maybe I am a little bit, but you really do get what you pay for! The number of times that I have been disappointed with a polish that I have spent maybe £3 on and hasn't lasted or applied very well.. but Models Own really seem to know what they're playing at! I like this colour so much that I even painted my toes to match =D And having chipped them just now I think that I'll reapply the same colour on my fingers! This is something that I *never* do! I always change my nail colour! I guess this polish is a winner!