Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nail Art Stamping!

This is my first attemp at a blog from my phone! (I discovered an app on the app store lol) and I expect the font to be weird and the layout to be squiffy but sod it, I don't care.
I'm trying to stay awake because my bf wants a pair of boots on eBay and at 10pm I will start bidding like a mad woman!
I've been so busy lately it's unreal. I got a new job! They called me up and asked if I wanted it and I said yes please ty ty ty and then they added that I'd need to start the next day -.- so I frantically went to town and bought work clothes lol! I spend my time split between working, eating, cuddling the cats and sleeping. My manicures have to last 4-5 days because I'm simply too tired to paint my nails. Bleh. Anyway I found a link on a blog ages ago, can't remember which blog it was though.. About some konad plate copies. I've been dying to try konad but I'm crap at choosing and it's all so expensive so when these copies went in the sale I grabbed them quick! There are two large plates with over 100 images on each and I got them for £15 each! Bargain. They came all the way from China and had lots of pretty writing that I didn't understand on the parcel! I got an official konad stamper on eBay because I thought at least if the plates are crap I'll know it's them and not the stamper! But they're actually really good! Ofc they're not perfect and a fee of the pictures don't work properly but for the most part they're amazingly clear and sharp! I'm very impressed! I've tried a few out =)
I think I'll put the full mani's I did as separate posts but here are my first attempts over OPI DS magic that I already had on when the plates arrived! I got 3 official plates too because I wanted the animal faces on S9 which wasn't on the large plates!
Oh and here's where I got them from!
I hope the links work >.< I'll check them on my pc tomorrow! Picture time! Ok well I hope all of this works and that you like the pics etc! I'll add more over the weekend =) 
Leisha xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blue Glittery Nails! + Models Own Haul #2

Hello it's me again! Firstly I'd like to say, I don't know how it's happened but somehow I've got 22 followers! YAY! So thank-you very much for following and commenting - it means a lot =) I'm hoping to do a giveaway at some point, maybe when/if I manage to get 50 followers! Exciting! I'm going to start putting together a prize or two =D

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend, my boyfriend was visiting and I didn't get online. I painted my nails on Sunday though and no chips so far! Would you like to see? I thought you might =) 

 I originally wanted to do a glitter gradient using three tones of glitter polish but the mid-toned one that I have had a blue jelly base whilst the others were clear so I decided just to layer them! This is going to be a right pain to remove though lol!

The colours I used are Juicy Jules and Bluebelle from Models Own and Cosmic Blue by W7 =) I love how sparkly it is! Juicy Jules gives it a lovely holo glint in the sun too! I'm loving my blues at the moment, my last 3 mani's have been blue! 
Oooo and I reported my faulty polish to Models Own and they sent me a replacement! A brand new full bottle of Pink Lady! I'm very happy, excellent customer service! Also, my second order arrived a the same time as my replacement! Here's what I got:

Polish (Left to right): Tangerine Queen, Purple Poppy, Slate Green
Brushes: Foundation Brush, Retractable Brush, Retractable Lip Brush
As well as: Cream Eye Shadow- Pink Piper, Blush - Warm Glow, Lipstick - Sheer Sparkle, Powder Eye Shadow - Pale Peach.
I was going to order a lip balm as well but I got the retractable brush instead.. I tried out the lip balms in boots and they seemed very sticky and didn't smell very nice.. besides I have plenty already lol I will try all of these out and let you know what they're like! I want to do a brush review at some point too. The retractable ones are hours of fun lol!

So there we go! A blue glitter mani and my second Models Own order =) hope you like it!
-Leisha xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Giveaway! - I am Definitely Addicted...

Ah I love giveaways! I'm hoping one day I'll have enough followers to do one myself! This giveaway is awesome mostly because it's Halloween themed and also because some of the polishes glow in the dark!! <3 DO WANT!!

So here it is!

Lookie at the goodies to be won!
Good luck if you enter!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Models Own -Prussian Blue

Hello! Guess who? Yup it's me again! Today I have for you another instalment of pictures from my Models Own order! YAY!
Prussian Blue is a gorgeous deep blue. I would say that it has a hint of purple to it but not enough to make it indigo, it's definitely a blue. Tonally it is perhaps on the same range as Beth's Blue, but obviously a lot darker. They look good together and don't clash! I decided to go for a darker colour because I went out last night and wanted something a bit sophisticated and glam =) Prussian Blue fits that description perfectly. 
The texture is, as with most Models Own polishes, thick but not difficult to apply. I only used one coat and the coverage was perfect! The finish is satin in that it's not gloss and not matte but a happy medium of the two! It has a delicate sheen to it and I hope that my camera has picked up the diffused quality that it gives as the sun hits it.
My favourite part about this polish is that you can visibly watch it dry! It goes from being wet and shiny to dry and satiny! Who said that watching (nail)paint dry was dull? lol =)

I have been wearing so many pastel shades over the last few months that I had forgotten how pretty a darker polish can be. The great thing about this colour is that it isn't so dark that the gorgeous blue hue is lost. I have a polish (No7 Betty Blues I'm looking at you!) that is a lovely sparkly blue in the bottle but looks a flat black colour on my nails. So disappointing. This one is definitely a dark blue. I wore it with an all black (with some polka dots) outfit so the blue gave a nice splash of colour =)

Sorry that some of the pictures are out of focus, I haven't really been with it today lol I would take more now but my light makes everything look slightly yellow so I might take more tomorrow during the day!
I love how this colour looks so different in all of the pictures but it does make it hard to get an accurate colour portrayal to show you.. Oo I cropped the first picture so you could have a close up of how the light hits the polish! It shows up greens and pinks like an oil slick! It shifted and moved almost like the static you'd get on a tv! I was a bit mesmerised for a minute lol I hope you can see what I mean!
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post! I'll be going through my MO order bit by bit so expect more swatches to come =)

Leisha xx
P.S. don't you just love when you wake up after a night out and realise that you forgot to take off your make up and your dinosaur pillow is covered in glitter? lol

Sunday, 4 September 2011

O.P.I. - DS Original

Hello =) I'm trying to get into the habit of posting regularly so here I am again! Today I want to show you a polish that in my opinion is the most beautiful of them all; the stunning Original from OPI's Designer Series. This is the only true holo that I own. I have the one from M&S but it doesn't really do what I want it to.. I also have the Wireless Holographic Top Coat by China Glaze which needs 6 coats to get a decent holo effect.. but this one is something else.
The colour is gorgeous too, it's a lovely muted light purple. The polish itself is quite sheer but after 2 coats the holo detracts enough from the vnl that I can manage to live with it rather than using 3 coats and using up more polish! I must preserve this one as best I can! I bought it from a GumTree add by Hannah over at London Lacquer at the beginning of August and I'm SO glad that I did! No regrets at all!!
So here is the proof that this polish is gorgeous!

This last picture I took after a weekend away visiting friends in Southampton and it still looks in pretty good condition! Look how sparkly this polish is even in the shade! Aahhhh *swoon* <3
So this is my favourite polish. Can you see why? =)
Leisha xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Models Own - Beth's Blue

Ok so I LOVE this polish! I posted yesterday about my first MO order that I bought in the sale and I wanted to try one of the colours out so last night I did. I couldn't actually choose which to try lol so after a few texts to friends I went with Sandra's choice of Beth's Blue. I was leaning towards this or Prussian Blue initially anyway (before being tempted by the more shiny ones) and I'm SO glad I picked this one! It's absolutely gorgeous!
Texture-wise it's a thick, opaque creme which glides on and is totally opaque in one coat. Yes, ONE coat!! Also, it dries super fast! I often have trouble with doing my nails of an evening because I go to bed and smudge them up in my sleep lol but this didn't even need my fast-dry top coat! I got into my pjs and the polish didn't even dent! I'm SO impressed with this!
The colour is a beautifully light, muted cornflower blue. It has a slight luminescence about it in the sun, it glows but it isn't bright. It compliments my skin tone perfectly! I love blue polishes anyway, I don't know why lol it's a bit of an odd thing to have blue finger tips tbh.. but it's so pretty and girly! It's a girly blue! <3 It's definitely more on the blue than the lilac side as well for those of you who are wondering.
Anyway, enough gushing - time for some pictures! Sorry about the skin around my nails, I just finished washing up and it looks horrible.. Also I think the bubbles are from my base coat (I went back to my GOSH one for a bit but think I'll just use my No7 one from now on!)

I totally recommend this colour, it's beautiful!
Leisha xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

Models Own Haul!


For those of you that know me, you know that I lurve Models Own! So when they had a 50% off sale I just *had* to place an order (or two). I HAD to. Well I was away at my boyfriends which was lovely and a good thing too because my goodies took bloody ages to arrive lol and I would have been going spare otherwise! But the day after I got back my polishes were here! YAY! They're so lovely! I think I made some good choices, but even after looking at some swatches they still look different to how I was expecting. This is what I ordered.

Top Row, Left to Right: Pink Lady, Tickled Pink, Lili's Pink, Mystic Mauve, Champagne, Peacock Green.
Bottom Row, Left to Right: Pink Fizz, Purple Haze, Bluebelle, Beth's Blue, Top Turquoise, Prussian Blue.

The brush is the Angled Blush Brush - which I wanted because I only have a Kabuki that came with my No7 mineral powder blush and that if I'm not careful can make me look like either a 6 year old applied my make-up or that I'm auditioning for a comedic role in the national circus. Either way it's not a good look. 
I'm so happy with my choices and I'll do individual posts soon, I want to swatch them and try them out! The only thing I'm a bit unhappy with is that Pink Lady (Top Left) is looking rather empty for a brand new polish.. There is a visible line of sunlight that shines through if I hold it up to the window - it's about 1cm down the bottle.. I think I'll ask MO for a replacement, I'm sure they'll help! They're such a good company!
Also, Bluebelle looks a slightly lighter, more ocean blue on the website so I wasn't expecting the royal blue glitter that I received, but I like it all the same =) I've already got an idea for glitter polish nail art that I'm going to try really soon!

 This is my current MO collection =) As you can see I've nearly doubled it with this order! I wanted to get Fuzzy Peach and Lemon Meringue as well but I have similar colours and would prefer the Pro equivalents. The colours I ordered (with the exception of Top Turquoise, Mystic Mauve and Champagne) are not available in Boots - something that I was careful about because I wanted to try some that are online only. I thought about getting the box sets, but I didn't want Sterling Silver because I already have several silvers.. I also didn't want Lilac Dream because my Barry M Berry IceCream is identical.. so I just picked my favourites from the sets. The only ones I was really sure I wanted were Tickled Pink, Beth's Blue and Prussian Blue.. the rest I chose by looking at swatches online =) Here's a closer view of those gorgeous colours!

In case you are interested as to the names of the polishes that I already had, they are as follows:
Top Row, Left to Right: Cuter Pewter (Pro), Yas-Mint (Pro), Mauve Over (Pro), Lavender Blue (Pro), Pink Smash Up, Silver Smash Up, Golden Peach.
Bottom Row, Left to Right: Blooboo, Jade Stone, Utopia, Blue Med, Juicy Jules, Gold Rush, 25 Carat Gold.

 I hope you've enjoyed looking at my goodies! Don't be too jealous =P Willow thinks I spend too much on nail polish and not enough on nommy kitty treats!
Until next time!
-Leisha xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Glossy Box - August!


My first Glossy Box arrived this month! I have to admit that I thought I would be more excited about it, but I opened it calmly and patiently, taking photos at each stage so that I could do a post! In fact the packaging was beautiful and I totally didn't want to undo the cute little bow that held the tissue paper together! But yes I'm fairly pleased with this month's box =) there wasn't a nail varnish though which was a bit disappointing but there were nail-related things so that's ok! So anyway, here is my review:

Lovely packaging! See why I didn't want to undo the ribbon? So pretty!!

Here's what I got! First impressions, not bad - but where's my polish =(

AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion- Deadsea water. This is really moisturising and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, but it has a very perfumey smell - not that I mind but it is a bit strong to smother myself in!

KMS 'hairstay- style boost'. I actually like this! I'm not usually a big fan of mousse but this is ok! It smells yummy and does an amazing fizzy-pop thing in my hand! It goes through my hair smoothly (making me giggle because I can hear it crackiling and fizzing behind my ears lol) and it has heat protection which is good because I don't like to use too much product in my hair so I can use this by itself =) having said that I didn't use it today and my hair is really smooth.. I'll use it next time and compare! 

Daniel Sandler- Jumbo Jet Mascara. A mascara! Yay these are expensive to buy =O so I'm pleased, even though my Rimmel one is still pretty full. Not heard of any of these brands so far! Big brush, gives a nice non-clumpy look which is good but it takes a while to dry so I smudged it a couple of times haha! Took this instead of my normal mascara to try out over a weekend away and it wasn't bad! It removes easily with my Nivea eye make-up remover which is nice. Won't have to buy mascara for a long time!

Murad Cleanser and Toner face wash. I have to admit I haven't tried this yet. I took it with me on my weekend away but never got around to using it. I'll have a go this week sometime. I'm a bit lazy with my skincare routine.. well ok very lazy.. I do wash, but I'll use anything haha. I will make an effort with this and see if my skin does anything funky like turn purple and dance the tango.

Rebel Nails. Ok so nail wraps! I have never been even remotely tempted to try these lol. But now I have them I may as well! The colour is nice, they're a hot pink and are very glittery. I'll probably wait until something slightly special comes along before I try them, and I'll see if I get any comments on them etc. 

I hope you liked my review! If you want me to give more detail on anything then just ask! Overall I'm pretty pleased with my first Glossy Box! I'm even going to stick around for next month's despite the postage charge. =) 


P.S. The nail polish I'm wearing is MaxFactor Modernist Pink - It's very subtle but has a lovely pink shimmer to it! I got this free from an Aussie party that I went to with the lovely Gemx!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Barry M: Peach Melba and Flamingo Pink

Hello again! 

I decided (after they had chipped a bit) that I had better remove my Grape Set Match and put something else on my nails.. I knew what I wanted to use but I am going to see my friend Carrie down in Southampton this weekend so I thought I'd save that for then.. so in the interim I rummaged through my nail polish collection and found a couple of Barry M shades that I hadn't got around to using.

The first is Peach Melba, it's a gorgeous colour! I love Barry M's pastels and this goes with the rest of the colours really nicely! It's very pale but not chalky, it looked darker at first because I did it in the evening when I had my light on so at first I didn't like it, but in the morning when I saw it I thought 'yes, this is nice'.

I wore this for a few days but managed to chip it in the shower.. So I had another rummage and picked out Flamingo Pink. I had been wanting this pink for a while and I treated myself to it one day while the Boots 3 for 2 was on! Flamingo Pink isn't like other pinks. Rather than being blue toned it has more of an orange tone which makes it warmer and really summery. It's still bright but it's not garish and it looked really nice with my skin tone! I'm pleased that I got this! It's not like any other pink that I own and it's very pretty. I'm definitely going to use this for some nail art and maybe with a nice glitter top coat at some point! I liked the colour too much to cover it this time though =)

So there we go, two summery Barry M shades! I hope you like them!

Here is a picture of my kitty-cat Willow looking extra adorable!!

-Leisha. x

P.S., I've been trying super hard to improve my application technique! Lookie at the neat nails!! 

Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm back!

Heylo, sorry for the lack of postage.. It's totally inexcusable I know but I've had my final exams and have moved back home now, it's just been rather hectic and my pc hasn't been set up properly.. then it was my birthday.. blah blah.. but I'm back now! Never fear!

Oh and I got a 2:1 for my History degree =D! Go me! 

I've been good and have taken pictures of each mani as I've done them =) so I have pictures for you to peruse through! I've also acquired several new polishes - lots of American brands that I've not owned or tried before and that I now absolutely adore haha eBay is my friend! Ooo also! My yellow-orange gradient mani got featured on the Model's Own Weekly Blog Wrap! I was sooooo chuffed about this! I had that giddy feeling in my tummy haha!

Right well here are my recent manicures =) each one has lasted nearly a week which is why there aren't so many of them! Hope you like! 

Sorry about my shoddy application and awful cuticles.. especially for the green and orange ones, I was ill at the time and did my nails in bed lol.. anyway, what do you think? I'm loving the Serena Williams Grape Set Match (the bottom pics) which I currently have on! The colour is amazing, glitter, duochrome, the works! The black mani I had for my birthday and forgot to take pics until it was all chipped haha oops.. but it was Sloane Square by Nails Inc over a black base coat! It looked fab! I've got lots of pics of polished that I've bought recently but I think I'll put that in a separate post because this one is already quite picture heavy.. so I'll just finish by saying once again that I'm sorry for leaving it so long between posts..

Here are some dino shortbread cookies that my friend Carrie's mum baked for my birthday, she included an icing kit so that I could decorate them! My very own Leishasaurus <3

Until next time!