Monday, 7 January 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 18 - Half Moons

Here's another technique that I've never tried! Half moons can look very classy I think, probably because they originated in the 1920's and have a sort of elegant flair to them. Traditionally the half moon (the part nearest the cuticles) was left bare and the rest was painted, though in the 20's the tips were left bare as well. I should imagine this type of mani lasted for ages! It was in the 30's that the half moon manicure that we know today was born =)

I went for a twist with my half moon, of course =)

This is two coats of Orly Miss Conduct with a mattifying topcoat added to the half moons. It doesn't show up as well as I hoped but you can see what I was trying to achieve I hope!

I love Orly. Not only are their polishes amazing and cruelty free but they make me think of this every time.

Miss Conduct is the MOST GORGEOUS nail polish I think that I have ever seen. EVER. It's a raspberry pink holographic fleck polish <3 ahhh I love it! You NEED this polish. I hope my use of capitals has emphasised this point.

It has a luminescence that makes it glow from within and in the light the flecks come alive with every colour you can think of. Yup. ALL THE COLOURS. I could go on but seriously, just go and buy it already.

Here's a better pic of it on its own. (Taken on the train because there is little to no sunlight atm -.-)

Swooooooon <3

Gemx went for a very classy half moon this week!

"This week I used Mac Soiree as a gold base and then Filthy Gorgeous Twilight as the black over the top. I considered taping off the half moons to make them neater, but as I tried to cut the tape to shape I realised that wasn't happening, most of them just got stuck to the scissors! So I attempted to be as neat as possible by hand :)"

I love the rose gold poking out from behind the black, it looks almost like she's left them bare but there's enough shimmer to see that she hasn't. Love it. I think this elongates her nails as well! I might have to try a proper half moon, I'm liking them a lot more than I thought I would! I was very sceptical to start with haha! Now I think there's a timeless glamour to them. =)

Make sure you take a look at Alli's classic glittery half moons too!



LooweezBx said...

I love half moon manis, so pretty! xx

HeartsAndCrosses said...

What a great blogger challenge, amazing colours that red is a good dupe for leading lady by Essie :)