Thursday, 30 August 2012

China Glaze - Make Some Noise

Here is one of the polishes that I bought myself for my birthday. This one is Make Some Noise by China Glaze. It was around £6 and in a buy one get one half price deal at Sallys.

I can't remember how many coats this was but it would have been 2-3. It's a gorgeous colour and applied very smoothly. I added a layer of CG Fairy Dust because I couldn't leave it alone and because I'm addicted to adding FD to everything haha! It's a hard colour to capture, it looks very red here but it's more coraly in reality.

Pretty! My hands always look a weird colour in photos.. I think my skin is very transparent so it looks strange. My skin definitely isn't that pink in real life! 

I love China Glaze so much. After finding OPI, falling in love and then finding out they'd been sold to Coty (who test on animals), China Glaze was there for me; my proverbial shoulder to cry on. Whilst I still have residual pangs about OPI shades that I can now never in good conscience own, I can cope better with CG by my side. And omg Fairy Dust <3

Hopefully I'm picking up a Helmer in the next few weeks when I manage to get vaguely near enough to an Ikea to beg to be allowed to go (shipping is now £10! Ouch!) and when I get it, this polish along with its CG associates is going straight into the favourites draw!

Do you have a favourite nail varnish brand?


Sunday, 12 August 2012

No7 Gold Glitter Topcoat

Last night I went to a wedding reception of an old Sixth Form friend of mine and rather than totally redoing my nails I decided to jazz them up a little!

I added the gold glitter topcoat from No7. It has two sizes of glitter, teeny tiny and medium-sized hexagons. The larger hexagons are still pretty small to be honest, smaller than other glitter topcoats that I own, but I like it! I have the silver colour too, they were £8 (I paid £3 for each, because I had two £5 off No7 vouchers) but I'm not sure they're still available.. I haven't been in Boots for ages now.. at least a month. I did a couple of coats to get a good smattering of shiny and I'm pretty pleased with it! I did my toes to match but I'll let you imagine those.. I'm not going to post my feet on the internet lol

 Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my outfit, otherwise I'd post that too.. but I wore a pale green strapless dress with a paisley pattern and gold sequins (from New Look a couple of summers ago). One of my rather drunken friends pulled it down halfway through the night and I was left exposing my strapless bra to a complete stranger. That was fun. Oh and I also managed to hit a child in the face with a chair. It was an accident! I swear he was a vampire or something, he appeared out of nowhere! Either way I'm never going to live either incident down and yes, the child was fine.

All in all just a normal night out for me. At least my nails looked nice.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Birthday China Glaze Haul!

So my birthday was just a massive excuse to buy nail varnish.
First I got these four...

 China Glaze: Naked, Flying Dragon(Neon), Blue Sparrow(Neon), Make Some Noise

  Then I got sad about being older again and got four more.

Orly: Red Carpet, China Glaze: Make Some noise, Champagne Bubbles, Gaga for Green, Electric Beat, Blue Sparrow(Neon), Flying Dragon(Neon), Naked.

Arranging them in rainbow order made me feel a lot better about myself.
And they complimented my amazing birthday cake!
He tasted of lemon... mmm lemony...

P.S. Yup, Champagne Bubbles was actually £0.42. Bargain.

Models Own: Soda Pop Pink

Well crap it. It's been ages again.
Do you ever just get out of a habit and can't be bothered to pick it up? I've had an apathy for blogging recently. I have a lot to say, I've done my nails a fair few times, but can I be arsed? Pfft. Nope.
Anyway I'm here.

It's been a gorgeous day here in Suffolk. The sun has been shining, the birds have been singing and I have been stuck at work for the entirety of it. Joy. Still, I'm here on my bed with my laptop with two cats and it's a Thursday so it's not too bad. One more day until the weekend.
My birthday was last month. Yup it's August already! Where did the time go? I hauled a bunch of China Glaze polishes from the massive Sally's near my bf's house. How I didn't know it was there for so long escapes me. But it's mine now! Mwahaha! >.>

So at my birthday party I was sat there feeling rather drunk and my phone buzzes on the table. I go to check it, one buzz means an email so I was expecting some kind of spam about how much % I can get of something I didn't want in the first place, when I had a rather nice surprise! Louise from MakeUp.Etc had contacted me to say that I'd won her 100 followers giveaway! Needless to say I squeaked a bit and typed out a hasty "omg yay" email to send back and got myself another drink. Louise was so sweet, she let me pick my own colour from the Models Own website and got it sent straight to my house! It arrived a couple of days ago.

I chose Soda Pop Pink based on swatches from other websites and I can safely say it looks SO much brighter than any of the pictures I'd seen! I thought it would be a muted dusky pink but it's pretty much bubblegum. And I love it. I never would have picked it because I would have feel self conscious about wearing such a bright, girly colour but it's really pretty! Here are some pictures:

It's easy to see how deceptive the swatches I saw were, these pictures don't even look as bright as the polish actually is! You can *kind of* tell the colour on my thumb in the first picture, but really it looks so much brighter in real life!
I would like to say a big thank-you to Louise for holding the giveaway and sending me this wonderful polish out of her own money! It's very generous and was a lovely surprise on my birthday so thank-you Louise! Soda Pop Pink is sitting happily in my little Models Own collection and fits in a treat, entirely unique to my nail polish stash!

Here is clawdy, he is asleep on my bed <3 Willow just crawled underneath and I can hear her snuffling aww..