Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Glossy Box - August!


My first Glossy Box arrived this month! I have to admit that I thought I would be more excited about it, but I opened it calmly and patiently, taking photos at each stage so that I could do a post! In fact the packaging was beautiful and I totally didn't want to undo the cute little bow that held the tissue paper together! But yes I'm fairly pleased with this month's box =) there wasn't a nail varnish though which was a bit disappointing but there were nail-related things so that's ok! So anyway, here is my review:

Lovely packaging! See why I didn't want to undo the ribbon? So pretty!!

Here's what I got! First impressions, not bad - but where's my polish =(

AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion- Deadsea water. This is really moisturising and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, but it has a very perfumey smell - not that I mind but it is a bit strong to smother myself in!

KMS 'hairstay- style boost'. I actually like this! I'm not usually a big fan of mousse but this is ok! It smells yummy and does an amazing fizzy-pop thing in my hand! It goes through my hair smoothly (making me giggle because I can hear it crackiling and fizzing behind my ears lol) and it has heat protection which is good because I don't like to use too much product in my hair so I can use this by itself =) having said that I didn't use it today and my hair is really smooth.. I'll use it next time and compare! 

Daniel Sandler- Jumbo Jet Mascara. A mascara! Yay these are expensive to buy =O so I'm pleased, even though my Rimmel one is still pretty full. Not heard of any of these brands so far! Big brush, gives a nice non-clumpy look which is good but it takes a while to dry so I smudged it a couple of times haha! Took this instead of my normal mascara to try out over a weekend away and it wasn't bad! It removes easily with my Nivea eye make-up remover which is nice. Won't have to buy mascara for a long time!

Murad Cleanser and Toner face wash. I have to admit I haven't tried this yet. I took it with me on my weekend away but never got around to using it. I'll have a go this week sometime. I'm a bit lazy with my skincare routine.. well ok very lazy.. I do wash, but I'll use anything haha. I will make an effort with this and see if my skin does anything funky like turn purple and dance the tango.

Rebel Nails. Ok so nail wraps! I have never been even remotely tempted to try these lol. But now I have them I may as well! The colour is nice, they're a hot pink and are very glittery. I'll probably wait until something slightly special comes along before I try them, and I'll see if I get any comments on them etc. 

I hope you liked my review! If you want me to give more detail on anything then just ask! Overall I'm pretty pleased with my first Glossy Box! I'm even going to stick around for next month's despite the postage charge. =) 


P.S. The nail polish I'm wearing is MaxFactor Modernist Pink - It's very subtle but has a lovely pink shimmer to it! I got this free from an Aussie party that I went to with the lovely Gemx!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Barry M: Peach Melba and Flamingo Pink

Hello again! 

I decided (after they had chipped a bit) that I had better remove my Grape Set Match and put something else on my nails.. I knew what I wanted to use but I am going to see my friend Carrie down in Southampton this weekend so I thought I'd save that for then.. so in the interim I rummaged through my nail polish collection and found a couple of Barry M shades that I hadn't got around to using.

The first is Peach Melba, it's a gorgeous colour! I love Barry M's pastels and this goes with the rest of the colours really nicely! It's very pale but not chalky, it looked darker at first because I did it in the evening when I had my light on so at first I didn't like it, but in the morning when I saw it I thought 'yes, this is nice'.

I wore this for a few days but managed to chip it in the shower.. So I had another rummage and picked out Flamingo Pink. I had been wanting this pink for a while and I treated myself to it one day while the Boots 3 for 2 was on! Flamingo Pink isn't like other pinks. Rather than being blue toned it has more of an orange tone which makes it warmer and really summery. It's still bright but it's not garish and it looked really nice with my skin tone! I'm pleased that I got this! It's not like any other pink that I own and it's very pretty. I'm definitely going to use this for some nail art and maybe with a nice glitter top coat at some point! I liked the colour too much to cover it this time though =)

So there we go, two summery Barry M shades! I hope you like them!

Here is a picture of my kitty-cat Willow looking extra adorable!!

-Leisha. x

P.S., I've been trying super hard to improve my application technique! Lookie at the neat nails!! 

Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm back!

Heylo, sorry for the lack of postage.. It's totally inexcusable I know but I've had my final exams and have moved back home now, it's just been rather hectic and my pc hasn't been set up properly.. then it was my birthday.. blah blah.. but I'm back now! Never fear!

Oh and I got a 2:1 for my History degree =D! Go me! 

I've been good and have taken pictures of each mani as I've done them =) so I have pictures for you to peruse through! I've also acquired several new polishes - lots of American brands that I've not owned or tried before and that I now absolutely adore haha eBay is my friend! Ooo also! My yellow-orange gradient mani got featured on the Model's Own Weekly Blog Wrap! I was sooooo chuffed about this! I had that giddy feeling in my tummy haha!

Right well here are my recent manicures =) each one has lasted nearly a week which is why there aren't so many of them! Hope you like! 

Sorry about my shoddy application and awful cuticles.. especially for the green and orange ones, I was ill at the time and did my nails in bed lol.. anyway, what do you think? I'm loving the Serena Williams Grape Set Match (the bottom pics) which I currently have on! The colour is amazing, glitter, duochrome, the works! The black mani I had for my birthday and forgot to take pics until it was all chipped haha oops.. but it was Sloane Square by Nails Inc over a black base coat! It looked fab! I've got lots of pics of polished that I've bought recently but I think I'll put that in a separate post because this one is already quite picture heavy.. so I'll just finish by saying once again that I'm sorry for leaving it so long between posts..

Here are some dino shortbread cookies that my friend Carrie's mum baked for my birthday, she included an icing kit so that I could decorate them! My very own Leishasaurus <3

Until next time!