Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gilded Nail's Giveaway!

Yup, I've gone giveaway crazy but this one is just something else!!



Polishology's Giveaway!

Click the link and enter the fab giveaway at Polishology! I've never tried any Zoya polishes and I'd love to give them a go!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gemx's giveaway!

Just a quick post to draw your attention to a giveaway that Gemx is having a giveaway on her blog! Clicky to have a look!


Models Own Pro - Yas-Mint


I'm two days into my nail polish ban and I'm already struggling. I managed to resist ordering some more Models Own Pro on during the last 20mins of the 3 for 2 offer.. I managed not to order the Nubar 2010 polish that I've been lusting after for months.. but what's really got me is that there are only 3 of the Glitter in the Air polishes by Deborah Lippmann left on eBay. Bad times. 

So right, on saturday I bought some more Models Own Pro as planned. My last polish buy before their coloured shatters come out (I promised myself I could get the yellow one) and the holo nails inc ones ofc! I refuse to miss out on those, especially since I don't own any holographic polishes.. except the China Glaze OMG top coat, which really needs to be added to an already holographic polish otherwise it needs like 6 coats to get a nice effect..

So I got Lavender Blue, which I really wanted after getting Mauve Over (which is the same shade but pearlescent)! I got Yas-Mint which is a lighter mint than Jade Stone and has a pearl shimmer to it! And after seeing that Mellow Yellow was out of stock I started picking up the others so see what they looked like.. when I got to Cuter Pewter I stopped because I had found the one! It's actually stunning. It's a muted gold fine glitter with larger holographic flecks in it! <3 So those are what I got, 2 pastels and a super shiny sparkly polish! Yay! Oh and these polishes smell amazing when dry!! I keep sniffing my hands haha!

I decided to use Yas-Mint first, I was going to paint bunnies on them too but I didn't because I have my best friend's birthday party on saturday, which I'm travelling up from Winchester to Ipswich for, so I'll be redoing my nails on Friday for that! 

But yeah I couldn't see the pearl of Yas-Mint on my nails as much as I could with Mauve Over, but it's a gorgeous colour nonetheless! It's so summery and happy! I'm loving my pastels at the moment and I've had a few comments on this particular shade even without any nail art! So that pays for the polishes =) The formula on this is really nice as well, the coverage is great - I used 2 coats! I didn't get any bubbles this time and I think it's because I used my GOSH base coat rather than the Barry M one.. I wanted to grab the Models Own one but they didn't have any in stock on Saturday. I'd love to get more of these polishes! Especially the other pastel shades!

I just have to resist eBay... or get someone to buy Glitter in the Air for me.. pfft lol like that's going to happen!!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Feed the Addiction.

Firstly, apologies for not blogging for a while! I've been so busy with my dissertation and last week I was away from my computer so I didn't get a chance to write an entry.. but I realise that these are but poor excuses and that nail polish should come first no matter what! Please forgive me!

I've been pretty busy on the nail polish front too.. busy buying them that is! My god. I blame boots and their 3 for 2.. but really it's my fault.. I'm addicted. I dread to think about how much I have spent on nail polish in the last few months. Lots and lots I'd wager. It's bad. So I made a promise to myself that (aside from tomorrow when I'm going to Southampton with Carrie and Dan and will be making the most of the last day of the 3 for 2) I will use all of my current polishes before I buy any more. That's right! Wonder how long that will last.

Ohh oh but I have exciting news for anyone who loves Nails Inc.! I picked up some gorgeous polishes in Oxford Street yesterday and the lovely lady that gave me a great deal on them told me that they're bringing out some holographic shades next month! OH MY!!! I so want these! If I haven't used all of my polishes by the time they're out then I'm sorry but I'm breaking my promise and buying them. All of them. I was so disappointed that I couldn't get the China Glaze OMG collection so these will be perfect! And yes, I know, I know.. they are bloody expensive. But I don't care any more haha I will have them!!

So yes. I've been busy buying and I guess I should show you a picture to get across the sheer extent of my purchasing craze. Bear in mind that I took this a couple of weeks ago and my collection has since grown even more. Thank goodness for student loans.

Yeah so cheak those bad boys out! You'll notice some Orly polishes in there! I was so excited when I saw them in boots! I can't wait to try them all! I now have all of the Barry M crackles too! The BYS ones have lovely shimmer in them and were only £1.50 each! The MaxFactor ones were in an offer in Superdrug plus I got student discount on top so that made me happy! Check out the Models Own silver crackle and the Pro in Mauve Over! Gorgeous!!! Ah They make me so happy!! (Sorry for the bad lighting of this pic.. also, yes that is my dinosaur duvet. I am so cool.)

But wait, there's more!

Check out the price on those babies! Filthy gorgeous are made by the same company as Nails Inc. so I'm expecting good things! Four bottles for £12.50! I needed a new black as well, my old stargazer one has seen better days.. and the red looks nice too! But the real reason I chose this set was because of the glitters! There's a gorgeous greeny glitter and a bluey-silver one too! The lady in Debenhams said that they've got 8 different sizes of glitter inside and she showed me on her nails! I had to get them!

But the real stars of the show are these, special effects by Nails Inc.

Aren't they beautiful? The one of the left is a hematite coloured glitter with holographic flecks in it! It sparkles so much! The middle one is a pearlescent purple crackle! I had to!! And finally, the most beautiful of all, blue glitter with pink glitter flecks. Oh my it's stunning! These are usually £11 each but the lady said I could have them in the 3 for £28 offer that is for the summer colours which was so nice of her! She also added me to the mailing list so I get news about the new holo polishes! EEEEEeeee!

Ok so there is my haul of amazing nail varnish! Jealous? Hehehe.. TBH I could probably have done with the money rather than the polishes but meh they are so pretty just looking at them makes me smile!! 

So here are some of the mani's that I've done recently.. unfortunately I was a bit crap and didn't take pics of them all, but here you go anyway! First up is a blue mani using Models Own Blooboo, Barry M blue crackle and Sinful Colours Hottie. What do you think? I really loved this and it lasted ages!

Here is before and after the glitter:

After this one I couldn't resist trying my new Models Own Pro! I had high hopes and I wasn't disappointed! The bubbles you can see in the picture I think came from my basecoat.. So I'll be investing in a new one soon.. Probably the Models Own one tbh. But the colour on Mauve Over is stunning! I love it! And omg it smells divine! Like vanilla! Mmmmmmm... I want the cream colour of this shade too, Lavender Blue. That'll be what I'm looking for in So'ton tomorrow!! (I did look in Oxford Street but the boots there was rubbish!! They weren't even fully stocked! Grr.)

 Finally, this is the mani that I have on at the moment. It's Rimmel Lycra Pro in Ultra Violet with Models Own silver crackle =) It's very pretty but I didn't use a top coat to preserve the matt effect of the silver but it's started to rub off.. Next time I'll have to remember that it needs a top coat! 

Anyway! There we have it! Long blog to make up for the lack of posts recently =) Hope everyone is well! 


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sara's Giveaway!

Hello, hello, hello!

There will be a post later I promise (as soon as I get this blasted dissertation to an acceptable word count) but until then I would like to draw your attention to a giveaway on Sara's blog! 

Also, check out the blog itself because there is some wonderful nail art on there! The Link is below..

And now I shall resume typing about 17th century witchcraft until my hands bleed! Ta'ra!