Monday, 14 January 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 19 - Galaxy Nails

I have to admit I've been dreading this week. I'm a bit of a perfectionist you see and I was really worried that I would mess this challenge up like the fireworks I did lol but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out!

I used several colours for these, mainly:
Filthy Gorgeous - Twilight
OPI - DS Magic
Kiko - 337 and 277
Barry M - 161 Vivid Purple

I did a black base using Filthy Gorgeous Twilight a day before I did the actual design which is why there is a little bit of shrinkage on my tips.. I didn't top coat it lol naughty!  Then I sponged on some white from my Rio Nail Art Pen where I wanted the galaxies and nebulae to be to make the colours pop. The rest was more sponging with some dots added for stars =)

I think they came out rather well! I especially like the spiral galaxies. I'm rather "into" astronomy and have been since I was very young. I love picking out constellations in the sky and can recognise quite a few! The recent Stargazing LIVE series on the BBC was really good, if you're at all interested you should check it out on iPlayer before it disappears!

Gemx's nails are super pretty this week =)

"I really enjoyed this weeks nail art! It took me ages though!
I first used a coat of Filthy Gorgeous Twilight (my favourite glossy black and most used polish!). I then sponged the rest of the polishes on. On my left hand (the right-hand picture) I first sponged on some Models Own Snow White to make the other colours stand out and then layered on the other polishes. On my right hand I skipped the white to see how it would differ. I think I prefer the hand which I used the white first, the blue stands out more. 

The many polishes I used were:
Kiko 255 (a multi coloured fine glitter with a purple base)
Orly Space Cadet
Orly Halleys Comet
Technic Mermaid
Models Own Juicy Jules
Make Up Store Britta
OPI Pirouette My Whistle"

I really like the ring finger on her left hand, the blue is gorgeous! And the use of glitter is so pretty too, galaxies should totally be glittery.

That's it for this week! Next week is water marbling which should be hilarious. I'm going to try not to colour my whole hand but I have a feeling it will happen anyway!

Alli hasn't uploaded her galaxy nails yet, but check out her blog anyway because it's awesome.

Oh and thanks for the lovely comments I've been getting it really means a lot to know I'm not talking to myself on here! I really appreciate it <3


Mr Pants came to investigate when I was taking pictures... he's SO PRETTY!

(Full name: Count von Clawdipants Nibblick 3rd the Eviscerator)


Annabelle said...

Oh my golly gosh these nails are AMAZING!! <3 lovely post!! <3
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Lacquerised said...

Aww these are so preety, well done :)

Leishasaurus said...

Thank-you ladies! You're so sweet <3 xx