Thursday, 24 March 2011

Matt-Effect Top Coat

Hello everyone!

So I saw a picture that Alex posted a while ago with a gorgeous dark navy varnish with a matt effect top coat. Her nails looked like velvet and I wanted to try it out! So I've dug out my Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat and here I am with non-shiny nails! Bit of a change for me if I'm honest because I do love my holos and glitters.. but they do look good! Think maybe I'll try a nice yellow next time, but I decided to use Barry M's Blueberry Ice Cream as my base colour, because I do love blue nails!

As you can see my application was a little bit shoddy, but so much better than usual lol I love the texture of Barry M polishes, I find they're really easy to apply and give good coverage. I have my eye on a few other colours that they do but I'm being good and waiting until I have some money hehe.. 

But yeah, what do you think? Would you try a mattifying top coat or do you prefer your nails to shine? Oh and ignore the chip on my index finger, I did that washing up -.-


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Models Own - Smash Up

Oh my goodness, how excited am I about these new polishes! They're a crackle glaze top coat and dry to reveal the colour underneath! The release date is 20th April and they're going to be £6 each.. hmm.. now, it might be me being a cheapo but that seems a lot for a nail polish.. Yes, yes.. I spent £13 on one bottle of China Glaze OMG wireless topcoat.. but that was discontinued!! Barry M polishes are amazing and they're only £2.99.. their crackle top coat was £3.99. So I might get one just to see if it's worth the extra money, but the range of colours is so.. well.. rangey.. and so pretty! How will I decide? I mean, obviously I'll HAVE to get the yellow one.. being my fave colour etc, but what about the others?? It's a shame there isn't a purple though.
What do you think?

Considering I have the black Barry M crackle already maybe the silver or white would be the most versatile.. But like always I'm drawn to the bright colours. How fab is that turquoise?

Anyway. Last night I painted my nails a lovely metalic lime. It's called Gypsy Girl (w33) by Wild and Crazy and cost me £1.99 (see what I mean about £6 being expensive??) The colour is so pretty and shiny, but for some reason it has dried with lots of little air bubbles in it, which make my nails look lumpy.. And where I've slept I have got fabric imprints on my left hand haha, so it probably wasn't quite dry.. oh well!! Here's a picture.

Maybe it would look better with a glitter top coat.. but I love the pearly sheen it has! I'll try again another time and leave it extra long between coats.. and be extra careful.. and not mess it up in my sleep.. Urgh.