Sunday, 2 September 2012

China Glaze - Electric Beat

Woot more China Glaze! This is another birthday polish from the Spring 2012 Electropop collection. It's called Electric Beat and oh my it's so pretty!
I ummed and arred about this one for a while before I hopped off the bus mid-route to grab it and 3 others, then hopped on the next bus and continued my journey.. I already have a couple of periwinkle colours, Models Own - Beth's Blue and Nails Inc, and had trouble picturing them for a mental comparison. In the end I thought sod it, 3 polishes in almost the same shade isn't a total disaster especially if the shade is one of your favourites, and took the plunge. I'm really glad I did!

It's actually a lot more blue than the ones I already have and a slightly darker shade as well. It's more of a mid tone colour whereas Beth's Blue is pale, almost pastel. I applied 2 (3 on a couple of fingers) coats on the Thursday evening before visiting the bf for the bank holiday weekend and took it off the following Wedsnesday. In that time only my index fingers chipped and that was because I was pretty careless and also because once it had chipped a tiny bit I couldn't help but fiddle with the uneven texture and make it worse.
Why do I do that?
The compulsive addition of Fairy Dust made the polish look a lot paler than it had done without it. I love it. These sorts of blue really suit me =)
Here's a blurry close up of the glitter.

And here's a cat looking stupid.


Sophie - Country girl said...

What a great shade! x

Leishasaurus said...

It's gorgeous isn't it! Very much recommended! Thanks for commenting x