Monday, 10 September 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 1 - Red Nails


So I suggested to Morgan from Morgue in Black that we have a go at the 31 day nail challenge but instead of doing it everyday, because that just seems like too much work, we're going to do it once a week and post our designs on Mondays. I'm so excited about this challenge, I've seen lots of people doing it and their designs look great and it'll give me the motivation to post regularly. For those of you not familiar with the challenge, here's the image I found on Nail Art 101 showing what the themes are. Feel free to join in if you like!

So the first theme is red nails! So without further ado I would like to show you my attempt.

Ladybird nails yay! I used Noelle by Filthy Gorgeous London for the red base and my nail art pens for the rest, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out but if I were to do them again I would make the middle line thinner and make the eyes bigger =)

I sent a text to Gemx asking if she wanted to join in and said that if she didn't want to post on her blog then I'd feature her designs on mine. She said yes so here are her red nails!

I love the idea behind this, the hearts are so cute! How perfect would this be for v-day? Gemma said that she used Models Own Snow White as the base colour and Color Club Velvet Rope for the hearts. She said "I really love Velvet Rope, one of my favourite reds. It is a really nice red, but when you put it in the sunlight it has a subtle reddy-pink shimmer in it, very pretty!" I totally agree with her, the colour looks gorgeous!

So there you have it, week one of the nail challenge is complete! Do please let me know what you think and be sure to check out Morgan's design too!


PS I think the cats liked my nails


Alexandria said...

Soooo cute! I really need to do more actual designs :D


Gemx said...

Very pretty ladybirds! I love the little eyes and the pictures with the kittehs! :D xx

Xaimarys said...

I love this nail challenge idea! and I love the first photo and your cat. such a lovely post! <3 I'd love it if you could check out my blog, it'd mean a lot.
Xaimarys ♡

E V E L Y N said...

Your nail art is amazing! I love those ladybirds! x

Lela said...

I think I would be awful at this but I looove yours! :)

xo, - Stylist meets Fashion, Beauty, and Beyond!

Leishasaurus said...

Thank-you everyone! I really appreciate the comments, especially ones as nice as these <3 xx