Thursday, 30 August 2012

China Glaze - Make Some Noise

Here is one of the polishes that I bought myself for my birthday. This one is Make Some Noise by China Glaze. It was around £6 and in a buy one get one half price deal at Sallys.

I can't remember how many coats this was but it would have been 2-3. It's a gorgeous colour and applied very smoothly. I added a layer of CG Fairy Dust because I couldn't leave it alone and because I'm addicted to adding FD to everything haha! It's a hard colour to capture, it looks very red here but it's more coraly in reality.

Pretty! My hands always look a weird colour in photos.. I think my skin is very transparent so it looks strange. My skin definitely isn't that pink in real life! 

I love China Glaze so much. After finding OPI, falling in love and then finding out they'd been sold to Coty (who test on animals), China Glaze was there for me; my proverbial shoulder to cry on. Whilst I still have residual pangs about OPI shades that I can now never in good conscience own, I can cope better with CG by my side. And omg Fairy Dust <3

Hopefully I'm picking up a Helmer in the next few weeks when I manage to get vaguely near enough to an Ikea to beg to be allowed to go (shipping is now £10! Ouch!) and when I get it, this polish along with its CG associates is going straight into the favourites draw!

Do you have a favourite nail varnish brand?


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