Monday, 24 September 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 3 - Yellow Nails

It's week three of the nail art challenge already! Morgan, Gemx and I are enjoying going through the list and I hope that you are enjoying looking at our designs!

For those of you that know me, you'll probably be aware that yellow is my favourite colour. It's bright, happy, sunny and just wonderful <3 I have loads of yellow polishes and I love them all. Yellow can be a bit of a difficult colour, lots of people don't like it because they think they can't pull it off. My theory is this. Sod it. If you like a colour, wear it and sod whether you think it suits you or not. I love to wear yellow!

Here's my mani:

Beeeeeees! I think Bees are an obvious choice for yellow. I thought about giraffes again but wanted to try something different. I have been wiggling my fingers through the air and saying "bzzzzz" hehehe

I used a nail polish called Daisy by an Australian brand Bloom. I saw this brand in the Winchester Superdrug when I was studying for my degree, I wish I'd bought more colours even though they were £8 each.. I only got a green and a yellow. The green because it reminded me of a polish I had when I was much younger, a lovely light spring green <3 and the yellow well because it was yellow and I couldn't pass it up. Ha!
I used my nail art pens for the details. I added glitter to the wings because all bees should have glittery wings

Gemx also chose to do bees but her design is very different to mine, I love the flight path of the bee I can imagine it bumbling around looking for flowers =) bzzz

Here's what Gemx had to say!

"For yellow nails I went for a bee! I used Models Own Lemon Meringue and a Topshop liner pen in black to draw the bee. I appear to have misplaced my black nail art pen, but the liner pen worked quite well, although you have to wait for it to dry and add a topcoat to make sure it stays or it will just wash off."

I love that she used liner! I used to use gel pens for my nail art before I got my nail art pens, you can use markers too but like Gemx says you must seal them with a topcoat.

So there we have it! Yellow nails!

Let me know what you think and be sure to check out Morgan's design!


PS Ignore the red bump on my index finger, I burned myself whilst making lunch the other day.. the toastie was worth it.


MissPlayground said...

the nails are absolutely awesome! *_*

Leishasaurus said...

Thank-you very much! xx