Sunday, 9 September 2012

First Attempt: Jelly Sandwich

I love jelly nail varnishes. I love how soft and squishy they look, how they have a depth to them and how they shine. I also learnt that I love what they can do to glitter. I had been lusting after the Nails Inc Juicy Sheer collection since it was released earlier this year but I always find it harder to buy things online than to buy them in shops.. I guess it's because the price is always there on the screen, telling me I'm naughty.
I spotted two of the collection on ASOS in the sale with free P&P and an extra % off so I didn't feel quite so bad when I instantly purchased them. Seriously, the transaction took less than 5 mins that's how quickly I snapped them up. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have all 3, I'll have to look out for the 3rd one =)
 These polishes are fab! They're so bright and fun and you can see from the bottle that they're going to be really squishy looking <3
I chose to use Henley Regatta, (the other one I got is Chelsea Flower Show) which on the Nails Inc site is called Strawberry Sheer. It's easy to tell why, not only does it look like strawberries, but it frigging SMELLS like them too!

[Sorry for the lighting of this pic, it was late at night]

I did two coats of strawberry then a coat of Barry M 210, a pink and holographic bar glitter that I won in a giveaway that Gemx held last year, and then another coat of strawberry. I think I did the last coat too thin though.. I was scared I'd cover up the glitter too much! I'll know for next time =)

The only bad thing I can say is that this took ages to dry. Usually I use a quick dry top coat, but for some reason I didn't and woke up with sheet marks. I thought about doing another coat but never got around to it.
It has been a whole WEEK since I did this mani and not a single chip! Slight tip wear but no chips!! This is totally amazing, I always chip my index fingers. Sometimes on the 1st or 2nd day! A whole 7 days with nothing is so impressive! I have a feeling I'll get bored and change it before it even starts to come off!! I think this is because of the non-drying formula because if I push really hard with the tip of my nail it leaves a dent.. but otherwise they're totally dry. Weird. I don't think it'd do that if I'd used the top coat, maybe it would have chipped sooner too.
I totally recommend these jellies, they're fantastic. Go and buy them. I would say try ASOS but they're not on there any more =( but the nails inc website still has them, as does QVC, so go go go!


UPDATE: I removed this after one week and a day because a) I got slightly bored of it haha and b) I messed it up when playing around with my corset trying outfits for a hen night.. I'm convinced it would have lasted at least 3 more days had I not got the corset stuck and had to prize it apart haha!


MissPlayground said...

love your nails! and the header is great too! :)

Leishasaurus said...

Aww thank-you! That's very kind! xx