Thursday, 9 August 2012

Birthday China Glaze Haul!

So my birthday was just a massive excuse to buy nail varnish.
First I got these four...

 China Glaze: Naked, Flying Dragon(Neon), Blue Sparrow(Neon), Make Some Noise

  Then I got sad about being older again and got four more.

Orly: Red Carpet, China Glaze: Make Some noise, Champagne Bubbles, Gaga for Green, Electric Beat, Blue Sparrow(Neon), Flying Dragon(Neon), Naked.

Arranging them in rainbow order made me feel a lot better about myself.
And they complimented my amazing birthday cake!
He tasted of lemon... mmm lemony...

P.S. Yup, Champagne Bubbles was actually £0.42. Bargain.


LooweezBx said...

Oooh pretty! 42p?! That is mental! And your cake is hilarious lmao! xx

FromMegwithLove said...