Sunday, 12 August 2012

No7 Gold Glitter Topcoat

Last night I went to a wedding reception of an old Sixth Form friend of mine and rather than totally redoing my nails I decided to jazz them up a little!

I added the gold glitter topcoat from No7. It has two sizes of glitter, teeny tiny and medium-sized hexagons. The larger hexagons are still pretty small to be honest, smaller than other glitter topcoats that I own, but I like it! I have the silver colour too, they were £8 (I paid £3 for each, because I had two £5 off No7 vouchers) but I'm not sure they're still available.. I haven't been in Boots for ages now.. at least a month. I did a couple of coats to get a good smattering of shiny and I'm pretty pleased with it! I did my toes to match but I'll let you imagine those.. I'm not going to post my feet on the internet lol

 Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my outfit, otherwise I'd post that too.. but I wore a pale green strapless dress with a paisley pattern and gold sequins (from New Look a couple of summers ago). One of my rather drunken friends pulled it down halfway through the night and I was left exposing my strapless bra to a complete stranger. That was fun. Oh and I also managed to hit a child in the face with a chair. It was an accident! I swear he was a vampire or something, he appeared out of nowhere! Either way I'm never going to live either incident down and yes, the child was fine.

All in all just a normal night out for me. At least my nails looked nice.


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