Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Models Own -Prussian Blue

Hello! Guess who? Yup it's me again! Today I have for you another instalment of pictures from my Models Own order! YAY!
Prussian Blue is a gorgeous deep blue. I would say that it has a hint of purple to it but not enough to make it indigo, it's definitely a blue. Tonally it is perhaps on the same range as Beth's Blue, but obviously a lot darker. They look good together and don't clash! I decided to go for a darker colour because I went out last night and wanted something a bit sophisticated and glam =) Prussian Blue fits that description perfectly. 
The texture is, as with most Models Own polishes, thick but not difficult to apply. I only used one coat and the coverage was perfect! The finish is satin in that it's not gloss and not matte but a happy medium of the two! It has a delicate sheen to it and I hope that my camera has picked up the diffused quality that it gives as the sun hits it.
My favourite part about this polish is that you can visibly watch it dry! It goes from being wet and shiny to dry and satiny! Who said that watching (nail)paint dry was dull? lol =)

I have been wearing so many pastel shades over the last few months that I had forgotten how pretty a darker polish can be. The great thing about this colour is that it isn't so dark that the gorgeous blue hue is lost. I have a polish (No7 Betty Blues I'm looking at you!) that is a lovely sparkly blue in the bottle but looks a flat black colour on my nails. So disappointing. This one is definitely a dark blue. I wore it with an all black (with some polka dots) outfit so the blue gave a nice splash of colour =)

Sorry that some of the pictures are out of focus, I haven't really been with it today lol I would take more now but my light makes everything look slightly yellow so I might take more tomorrow during the day!
I love how this colour looks so different in all of the pictures but it does make it hard to get an accurate colour portrayal to show you.. Oo I cropped the first picture so you could have a close up of how the light hits the polish! It shows up greens and pinks like an oil slick! It shifted and moved almost like the static you'd get on a tv! I was a bit mesmerised for a minute lol I hope you can see what I mean!
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post! I'll be going through my MO order bit by bit so expect more swatches to come =)

Leisha xx
P.S. don't you just love when you wake up after a night out and realise that you forgot to take off your make up and your dinosaur pillow is covered in glitter? lol


lucyclark;D said...

wow, nice colour! :D thanks for commenting on my blog! I am now following yours! :D


Chantelle Thomas said...

Gorgeous colour!