Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blue Glittery Nails! + Models Own Haul #2

Hello it's me again! Firstly I'd like to say, I don't know how it's happened but somehow I've got 22 followers! YAY! So thank-you very much for following and commenting - it means a lot =) I'm hoping to do a giveaway at some point, maybe when/if I manage to get 50 followers! Exciting! I'm going to start putting together a prize or two =D

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend, my boyfriend was visiting and I didn't get online. I painted my nails on Sunday though and no chips so far! Would you like to see? I thought you might =) 

 I originally wanted to do a glitter gradient using three tones of glitter polish but the mid-toned one that I have had a blue jelly base whilst the others were clear so I decided just to layer them! This is going to be a right pain to remove though lol!

The colours I used are Juicy Jules and Bluebelle from Models Own and Cosmic Blue by W7 =) I love how sparkly it is! Juicy Jules gives it a lovely holo glint in the sun too! I'm loving my blues at the moment, my last 3 mani's have been blue! 
Oooo and I reported my faulty polish to Models Own and they sent me a replacement! A brand new full bottle of Pink Lady! I'm very happy, excellent customer service! Also, my second order arrived a the same time as my replacement! Here's what I got:

Polish (Left to right): Tangerine Queen, Purple Poppy, Slate Green
Brushes: Foundation Brush, Retractable Brush, Retractable Lip Brush
As well as: Cream Eye Shadow- Pink Piper, Blush - Warm Glow, Lipstick - Sheer Sparkle, Powder Eye Shadow - Pale Peach.
I was going to order a lip balm as well but I got the retractable brush instead.. I tried out the lip balms in boots and they seemed very sticky and didn't smell very nice.. besides I have plenty already lol I will try all of these out and let you know what they're like! I want to do a brush review at some point too. The retractable ones are hours of fun lol!

So there we go! A blue glitter mani and my second Models Own order =) hope you like it!
-Leisha xx

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Alexandra said...

That nail polish looks lovely, all their nail polishes look lovely. I really must get some!