Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nail Art Stamping!

This is my first attemp at a blog from my phone! (I discovered an app on the app store lol) and I expect the font to be weird and the layout to be squiffy but sod it, I don't care.
I'm trying to stay awake because my bf wants a pair of boots on eBay and at 10pm I will start bidding like a mad woman!
I've been so busy lately it's unreal. I got a new job! They called me up and asked if I wanted it and I said yes please ty ty ty and then they added that I'd need to start the next day -.- so I frantically went to town and bought work clothes lol! I spend my time split between working, eating, cuddling the cats and sleeping. My manicures have to last 4-5 days because I'm simply too tired to paint my nails. Bleh. Anyway I found a link on a blog ages ago, can't remember which blog it was though.. About some konad plate copies. I've been dying to try konad but I'm crap at choosing and it's all so expensive so when these copies went in the sale I grabbed them quick! There are two large plates with over 100 images on each and I got them for £15 each! Bargain. They came all the way from China and had lots of pretty writing that I didn't understand on the parcel! I got an official konad stamper on eBay because I thought at least if the plates are crap I'll know it's them and not the stamper! But they're actually really good! Ofc they're not perfect and a fee of the pictures don't work properly but for the most part they're amazingly clear and sharp! I'm very impressed! I've tried a few out =)
I think I'll put the full mani's I did as separate posts but here are my first attempts over OPI DS magic that I already had on when the plates arrived! I got 3 official plates too because I wanted the animal faces on S9 which wasn't on the large plates!
Oh and here's where I got them from!
I hope the links work >.< I'll check them on my pc tomorrow! Picture time! Ok well I hope all of this works and that you like the pics etc! I'll add more over the weekend =) 
Leisha xx


lucyclark;D said...

ohh they are sooo cool! i want them! :D

Lacquerised said...

oh wow, jealous you managed to get your hands on these :o

i've awarded you the liebster blog award btw! :) there's a post back on my blog about it cos you have to pass on the award to other bloggers :)