Tuesday, 26 February 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 25 - Inspired by Fashion

Only 6 more weeks of the challenge left! Then what will I do with myself?

I didn't really know what to do this week because I don't really follow fashion. I tend to buy clothes that have cute animals on them or that look cosy. In fact this is about as involved in fashion as I'll get:

do like oversized jumpers/cardigans
do like pencil skirts
do like lace
I do like shift dresses
I do like brogues
I do like skinny jeans
I do like blazers
I don't get the whole disco pants thing
I don't like studs
I really don't understand tops or jumpers that are much shorter at the front than the back
I don't like slogan t-shirts
I don't like pointy shoes
I don't like trainer/heel hybrids.. I mean what is the deal there!?

There, that'll do. Actually, my biggest fashion peeve is when people wear sheer leggings with short tops.

That is all.

So having a very vague grasp of what is "hip" and "happening" I decided to do a google search for this years trends. Turns out that each year has a colour, who knew? And this year it's Emerald Green. So I chose a green base (not emerald, I was in the mood for pastel). The polish I used was Nails Inc Wimbledon which I got in a set (only £10 at the moment if you're interested!). Hurray step one of fashionable nails complete!

I had a browse through Glamour Magazine's photos of the London Fashion Week catwalks and noticed a bit of a trend for stripes and flowers... cue step two of fashionable nails!

Now the first picture might look like a girl in pants, a tea cosy and space boots.. and the second might look like she stepped straight out of bed and onto the catwalk (except who has bed hair like that!?), but what do I know? I took the monochrome flowers and the vertical stripes as my inspiration. Mostly because I love pyjamas.

 Now these could have been better, but they could have been a lot worse. The green is showing up as very yellow in the pictures and it's not that yellow in real life. I tried to reverse the stripe/flower colours on my ring fingers but the white flowers don't show up so well so I shouldn't have bothered.. this mani looks a bit like a 5 year old did it, but I don't mind it too much, I tried at least and it MUST be super fashionable. Look at those flowers and stripes; SO hot right now.

Gemx did a much better job than me this week! 

"So this week is nails inspired by fashion. I'm not a huge follower of fashion. I pretty much wear the same kind of stuff I wore ten years ago (I buy new clothes, it's not the same actually clothes, but a similar style :P). It was London Fashion Week last week so I had a look at the trends to see if I could get some inspiration. Before I did this I thought to myself, wouldn't it be awesome if holographic nail polish was put on clothes in some way...and well, I was a little surprised when that's exactly what I saw!! Any excuse to crack open the Make Up Store holos :) I used Make Up Store Britta and Illamasqua Jan."
Here's the inspiration Gem used: (also from the Glamour Mag pictures)

I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of Illamasqua Jan. I wanted to order it but it's discontinued and when I ordered it from Debenhams they emailed me the next day to say they couldn't fulfil my order =( so I guess I'll never own it. It's such a pretty shade so I'm a bit bummed. It looks gorgeous with Britta too! 

That's it for this week, I hope I haven't embarrassed myself too much in my admittance of being a fashion noob but there we go. Alli has moved her blog back to its old address but hasn't posted for a couple of weeks, she's busy moving house so I guess we'll let her off =P


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Louise Hayward said...

Haha your Do and Don't like section is almost exactly the same as mine except I like studs (done well) and I like hidden wedge trainers, although obviously not the actual trainers with heels, they are just ridiculous!
Also, your nail designs for this week are gorgeous, I wish I had the steady hand to do decent nail art!