Saturday, 9 March 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 26 - Inspired by a Pattern

Yes I'm aware this post is super late but there we go..

Week 26 is all about taking inspiration from a pattern, but there are so many patterns to pick from. I had considered doing something Maths related (sequences) for this challenge but kept getting drawn to spirals and ripples. As I suck with decisions I went to my mum and asked for her suggestions and she said I should do paisley, so here are my paisley nails.

I got the colour theme from this image on google:

I liked the green and pink, it looks exotic and full of contrast. I did a pink background using Rimmel's Pop Rose that I picked up in poundland a few years ago (before I realised about animal testing). I topped the pink off with some China Glaze Fairy Dust to give it some sparkle. The details were done using my Rio Nail Art Pens; I used the white to fill in the shapes then blocked it in with Nails Inc Wimbledon (that was a pita because of the brush size -I couldn't find my nail art brushes) and used the dark green pen to add detailing.

I really like how these turned out =) I did my right hand first, as always, and learnt what I didn't like so much in order to improve the left hand. So I prefer the left hand to the right for a change. The dark green pen also seems to have discrepancies in the colour as it looks a lot darker on my right hand. I love the Fairy Dust sparkling through, it's so pretty! I'll definitely try paisley nails again as I love the pattern and there are so many colour combinations to try!

Gems nails are so pretty this week as always!

"I choose a zig-zag as a pattern as I hadn't done that before. I used OPI DS in Extravagance and Coronation. I first used my Make Up Store Aqua base coat, it seems to hold onto these polishes better and it smells really good for a base coat! (NB: Don't sniff your polishes). I then put on a coat of Extravengance and a quick drying topcoat while I cut some cellotape into zig-zag shapes. I then stuck the tape on and painted a coat of Coronation and prayed that when I pulled the tape off it wouldn't look awful! As you can see, it worked out ok and I didn't ruin any nails! 
I really like this combo and so did my cat apparently. I only get sunlight in my bedroom in the daytime so I went in there to take some pictures and my cat was desparately wanting to be stroked so I took a picture of him. He looks a bit crazy with his ear scruffed back like that, but look at those cute eyes, awwww! :D"

Ok firstly how cute is the kitty!! I'm a total sucker for pink kitty noses haha I want to give him nose nubs <3 I love how sparkly Gems nails are, the DS series are so shiny it's unreal. I am totally jealous of Coronation but never mind lol. The two colours work very well together and the zig-zags show up nicely with the contrast =) simple designs are so often the best!

That's it for now, I'll be back with the next part of the challenge very soon =)


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