Monday, 22 October 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 7 - Black and White Nails

Yup it's that time again!

Can I just say now that I LOVE my nails this week? I've been excited for this part of the challenge since it started and have been planning this design for ages. You may have notice that I have a bit of a thing for animals lol well this week is no exception. Here are my nails!

 BADGERS. Freaking BADGERS! Urgh I love these snuffly creatures <3

For this mani I used Barry M Nude to even out my nail tone for the bits showing, then Stargazer 118 which is a tipex white. It was actually pretty gloopy, I've had this baby for about 10 years so that's not surprising but once I'd added some Seche Restore it was useable again =) I used this to vaguely plot out a badgery-type shape and then used my black nail pen for the stripes and their little snuffly noses <3 the eyes are the black and the white nail pen.

My stupid topcoat dragged the black all over the place even though I was super careful and dabbed it on! Grr. So I had to go over them in some places with my white nail pen.. it's noticeable to me but probably not to other people at a glance.. It bugs me. Will try a new top coat soon.

Anyway yay badgers!! Here are some cute badgers that I pilfered from google.


I recently actually bought a super cute badger jumper from Dorothy Perkins. I went in there looking for some boots but saw the jumper and couldn't leave without it. 
I looks a lot less.. bright? In real life. It's a neutral beigey colour. The badger is so adorable, he has white fluffy bits and a bead for his eye and lots of sequins to make him sparkle <3 so cute. The jumper is in stock in all sizes on the website for £30 and I totally recommend it. It's a loose knit so you'll want something underneath. The only complaint I have is that there isn't a little badger bum on the back, he stops at the side seam so no little tail or anything =( boo.
Here are my nails with my jumper LOL

So what did Gemx do for her black and white nails? 

Here's what she had to say!
"I went for two tone black and white nails. I didn't want to use a opaque white because the ones I have tend to look a little streaky and Tipp-ex like so I used a sheer white. I used three coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and put on a topcoat. Then when that was dry I taped off my nails diagonally and added one coat of Filthy Gorgeous in Twilight. This is now my favourite black! It's shiny and opaque in one coat and really easy to work with. I then added another topcoat. I really liked this so I didn't add anything else to it and with so many coats of polish it is lasting really well!"

I totally love these! How classy do they look? The black by Filthy Gorgeous is amazing, it's literally one coat. So opaque! When I first tried it I was amazed. Totally worth a go if you're looking for an awesome black! 

So there we go! I wonder what Alli has done for her black and white nails? 



Abbienail said...

How has none commented on these!! They're so so soooo cute and original :D I would totally do these if my nails were shorter :) new follower here :)

Leishasaurus said...

Thanks Abbie! You should definitely try them, even with long nails they'd look super cute! If you have a go then I'd love to see! xx