Monday, 29 October 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 8 - Metallic Nails

At first I was like 'I don't know what to doooo' for this week's challenge but then I rummaged through my collection and actually I have loads of shinies! So I had too much choice... Then I remembered the Models Own Mirrorball collection that I had won in one of their Facebook competitions in the lead up to their sale and I knew I had to use at least one! So then I just had to pick a complimenting metallic colour and this is what I ended up with!

 Not exactly as nail arty as my other mani's for this challenge but I really like it. I used two coats of Cuter Pewter from the Models Own Pro range which is a pale silvery gold foil with holographic glitter particles =) and then a coat and a bit (dabbing bigger glitter bits) of Hot Stuff on the ring fingers for accent nails! Yay! The problem I find with accent nails is that once they're done I look and them and then I look at the other unglittery nails and I think that they all need sparkle... But then there wouldn't be an accent nail.. Kinda defeats the purpose..

Hot Stuff was my favourite of the Mirrorball collection in the bottle. I'm yet to try them all but I still really like it on the nails I think we're onto a winner! Let's see how hard it is to remove.... Eep. There's tons of pink glitter and some goldy holographic rhombus pieces among the shards <3 so pretty!

Gemx's nails are super shiny this week too! Here they are:

Gemx says:
"I went for a really simple look for metallic nails. One of my favourite polishes is Mac Soirée, so I just wore that. It's a lovely rose gold metallic and I just really like it! Also, I chopped my nails off, so nail art is a bit rubbish on my new short nails, there's not a lot of space anymore! However, it had to be done, I couldn't really write any more nor play any stringed instruments. I probably went a little too short for my liking though. Oh and yes that is a cat bum in the background of my picture, he was obsessed with a pigeon sat in the tree outside and wouldn't move!"

Kitty!! Oh and the nails, the nails are so shiny! Metallic nails are great for magpies like me lol the only think is that any mess really shows up so you have to clean up... Not that I bothered, it'll come off in the shower tomorrow anyway =p

I'm off to see what Alli has been doing for her super shiny nails now and suggest you check them out too! 



Gemx said...

Gorgeous metallic nails! Really love the mirrorball glitter :) x

Leishasaurus said...

The mirrorball glitter is fab! I still haven't tried the rest of them out yet, that will have to change xx

Nail Glaze said...

It looks nice! I like your metallic polish.