Monday, 15 October 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 6 - Violet Nails

So Gemx, Alli and I all agreed that violet meant purple, because violet is pretty specific in terms of shade.. and obviously it's purple. The other challenges weren't Crimson, Tangerine, Ochre, Veridian and Cornflower were they?? No. So it's purple and not violet, damnit.
I don't know what it is about autumn but I always want to paint my nails light. I think it's my way of rebelling against fashion trends because autumn usually means dark colours.. I don't mind dark colours, but I have to be in a certain mood to wear them, especially on my nails.
So here is what I chose to wear for this weeks challenge.

Can I just say I suck at stamping? I can never get the images to go where I want them to! Most of these adorable little bunnies are off centre.. I stamped them twice, once in white which I then filled in and then once in black over the top. I used my nail art pens for the stamping because the polish in them is quite opaque and thick. The stamping plate is Konad S10:

S10 is pretty much my favourite stamping plate. Ever. 

The base is Models Own Pro Lavender Blue. It's a very pretty shade, I often find purples a bit too much on the pink side so it's nice to have a blue leaning one. I had to thin it down a bit as last time I used this it hadn't dried 14 hours later so I removed it. The thinning seemed to work as it dried pretty quickly thanks to the thinner coats, of which I used two.

The sparkles are Nails Inc Electric Lane, a holographic topcoat. I love this, it's pretty similar to fairy dust but I think the glitter is a little finer.. I'll have to do a comparison sometime! I did two costs to make it extra sparkly, in a diagonal line across my tips.

Lasti time I did this design I used MO Beth's Blue and CG Fairy Dust and I seem to remember the contrast between the creme and the glitter being more noticeable.. Maybe it's that Lavender Blue is a bit paler and that Electric Lane is finer... Or a combination of the two.. Either way it's not really visible unless up close.. Which is fine tbh. What's more annoying is that in my ill state I managed to smudge the black stamps with the topcoat. And more annoying than that is the random chip in the middle of my middle finger nails on my left hand. I mean, how!? It's been less than 24 hours since I finished painting them and there's a chip!? Grr! So my apologies for that, I didn't have daylight left to take pics in by the time I got back to repair the damage.

As for Gemx's nails, well here's what she did!

 And here's what she had to say:
"For the violet challenge I wasn't sure what to do. I probably have more purple based polish than anything else, but I tend to wear them on there own without any modification. When I went to London with Leisha she showed me the best holo polishes I'd seen at Make Up Store and I picked up a purple holo called Britta. I've worn it the last fewdays and it's lovely, so I used Britta as the accent nail. I used Illamasqua Faux Pas on the rest of my nails. It's a lovely dark purple with a rubbery finish. I then added some flicked with a silver striper (Andrea Fulerton) on top Faux Pas. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I quite like it anyway! I definitely need more Make Up Store holos! :) The first picture shows what the holo Britta really looks like, where as the second one is more true to the actual colour of Faux Pas."

I love Make Up Store. I discovered it on a trip to Sweden around this time last year and brought back 3 gorgeous holographic polishes with me. I would have bought more too except I'd just started a new job and hadn't been paid lol
I totally recommend a trip to Carnaby St or to Westfield in Shepherd's Bush if you're ever in London to visit the Make Up Store shops as these are the only 2 in England. The polishes are £11 each but the quality is amazing and there are so many different colours and finishes.

I love the contrast between the rubbery Illamasqua and the shiny holo/stripes. I think this mani is super cute and that holo is just stunning.

Make sure you see what Alli has done too!
That's it for now, I hope you're all well and not ill like me.. Bleh.


PS Willow is fine atm, she's had some samples sent off so I'm waiting to hear back but the vet thinks its a cyst.. It really hope she's right. Fingers and toes are crossed.


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