Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May Wishlist

There are so many things that I'm lusting over right now! I'm such a consumer >.< here are a few of them:

3. Barry M 53 £4.49

4. Diablo 3 £32.99

5. Helmer Draws £24.99

6. Skruvsta Tub Chair £99.99
7. Kitty Dress £35

10. Tarlet Tins £9.99

1. Doesn't Luxe and Lush look fab? So much glitter! I also want Snow Globe, but this one is just crying out to me.. I should probably snap it up before it sells out.. le sigh
2. Ok yes, you're right, I mostly want this one because of it's name..
<3 Harvest Moon
3. As I was perusing the Barry M display in superdrug I thought I'd have a look at the Lip Paints. I already have a fair few and I thought there weren't any more that I wanted.. but I have grown a love for all things coral/orange lately and this shiny Lip Paint couldn't be more perfect! I even went to buy this at the weekend but to my dismay the one remaining lippy had been opened! I HATE that! I'll have to try again. Hopefully the 3 for 2 will still be on.
4. I'm such a gamer lol but lately I haven't had time to play anything. Except The Sims. There's ALWAYS time for The Sims. But OMG how I want Diablo 3! I remember when we were younger my bro and I would spend HOURS on D2 after school haha so many memories! I was actually rubbish at it. I have improved since then though! I so want to play this >.<
5. I've seen these drawers on so many blogs so I googled them expecting a massive price tag.. £24.99? I think I need these. My room is just such a mess, there's stuff everywhere! (That's what happens when you cram a whole house full of stuff into one room. But that's another story.) I think I'll ask the bf's parents to take me to Lakeside, since it's v close to where they live! No doubt I'll come away with much more than a Helmer though..
6. I've wanted one of these chairs for ages! I don't care if there isn't much back support (though I will after a few hours of gaming) I just love how cute it is! Like a tub chair on wheels <3
7. I saw this dress on Forever The Ugly Duckling and *had* to ask her where it was from! From there it was a simple case of asking google lol (google knows everything) I love it but not sure it'd suit me which is why I haven't ordered yet.. They don't stock this dress in store =( 
8. Having filled my original chamilia bracelet (yup, I got addicted to buying beads) I've been looking at the different styles and I love this one! it's super cute! I'd be worried it'd slip off my (very skinny) wrists but I'm sure they're designed to be secure. I long to buy more beads lol
9. Like this horse one! CUTE!
10. These tins are the perfect size for individual tartlets, I've had an idea in mind for ages and need the tins to do it.. £9.99 for 4 isn't too bad, and they're buy one get one half price! £14.98 for 8 is even better! (Not that I need 8 >.<)

Yeah so it's fair to say that I want a few things >.> I could even fill another post with things I want haha (might do that later...) but I think the things I'll get in the near(ish) future are the Tartlet Tins (I've been DYING to make little mini roast veg pastry tarts!), Barry M 53 (if my superdrug ever stocks ones that haven't been ripped open! I mean, why, the tester is RIGHT there! Grrrrrrrr), possibly the Helmer Drawers in a vain attempt to become more organised.. urgh.. and finally I might splurge on Diablo 3.. I mean, I've only been waiting since 2008..
Does anyone want to take me shopping? With their money? =P



KarenD said...

I love my Helmers--warning, once you have one you will probably want more. :)

P.S. Any chance you'd consider turning off word verification for comments? My eyes go all wonky trying to figure out the words.

Leishasaurus said...

Karen! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my little blog and to leave a comment! I had no idea I had word verification on, is it automatic? I'll try and remove it! I have a feeling I'll end up with many Helmers x

KarenD said...

Yeah, I think the word verification is on by default--and they don't show it to you if you're posting a comment on your own blog so it's easy to not realize it's on. There is a way to turn it off--somewhere in settings for comments but where exactly I don't know off the top of my head.

Leishasaurus said...

I found it and removed it =) Thanks for the heads up! I feel like I need to apologise for my blog haha it's so small and it needs a bit of love and a new layout.. but it is what it is! Thank-you very much for following! x

KarenD said...

Thanks for taking it off! No need to apologize for your blog--everyone was new to it at one time. You should have seen my first layout--so plain it barely counted as a layout at all. :)

Leishasaurus said...

I just wish I'd kept up with blogging all the way through last year, I feel like there should be so many more posts! The blog is over a year old, just I'm a bit rubbish at posting haha! I have so much to share though so I need to make a plan and stick to it =)