Thursday, 17 May 2012

Diablo III


 After scouring the entirety of Ipswich after work on Tuesday (release day) to no avail, I managed to find two copies in the Asda in Stowmarket where I work.So I promptly bought both! One's for my brother, I don't need two copies just for me hehe =) I'm superly excited about this game! Everyone's saying that it lives up to expectations, and my expectations are pretty high! I got it for £34.97, Game and Gamestation (owned by the same company) were trying to sell it for £45! Er, see this is why they're going out of business. Why would anyone pay £10 more for the same game? So what if they offer reward points on purchases, £10 is a huge discrepancy! 
It's installing now and the background music is amazing. It's a reworked version of the old Tristram (a town in the game) theme. There are so many layers to it! I can pick out guitars and cellos, there are also vocals in there but no lyrics, just ambient choral music. It reminds me of Opeth. Which won't help you at all because you'll have no idea who they are >.<

Just have a listen. It's Opeth mixed with the music from Firefly. Trust me on this! It's ambient, mysterious, dark and incredible. 

Ooo, I got another thing off my list too! On Tuesday during the search for D3 I came across some tart tins in Sainsbury's, a pack of 2 for £3.50. I figured I'd get a couple of packs, the quality can't be that much different to Lakeland and they had the loose bottoms so I can get the tarts out easily =) I look forward to making them next week! I'll post a recipe when I make them, I'm probably just going to make it up as I go along though!

I've decided to do a post with Diablo nail art, so look out for that very soon (possibly tonight if I can!). 
Finally, I wanted to say thank-you to you all, I now have 30 followers and it feels great! =D


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