Saturday, 11 June 2011

Yellow to Orange Gradient!

Hey guys! Sorry there haven't been any posts for a while, I've been busy with my final exams.. I had a killer one on Thursday and I'm feeling pretty drained.. got another on Tuesday as well =( oh well, just this last one and then I've finished uni forever! Scary times =O

So my nail polish ban is going ok... if we don't count that one lapse in poundland where I saw Rimmel Pink Amazon (RRP £4.59) and the market stall where there was W7 gold crackle... urgh I'm awful.. but shh, no one needs to know!!

Last night I was feeling in the mood to have a bit of a play with my nails, my Models Own Utopia had chipped on both index fingers and I took it as a sign.. so I removed it and looked through my massive collection lol! For those of you that know me, you'll know that yellow is my favourite colour.. so for me to have some yellow polishes that I haven't used is quite shocking! I thought I should probably use them..

The result is this:
Pretty nice huh! I used a sponge to dab colour on over a light base, which was actually kind of satisfying in itself lol these are the colours I used:
Here we have Rimmel 058 Lemon Drop, which is a scented polish that I picked up because I loved the pale colour.. it happens to smell of kitchen cleaner though haha but I can't smell it with a top coat thankfully! Secondly we have BYS N180 Bottle Blonde which I got for £1.50 in my favourite shop in Ipswich, Just Essentials. It's a gorgeous colour and it has a shimmer to it! Ah I'm in love.. Lastly, but by no means least, probably my favourite Models Own polish (even though it's not one of their pro range! I know!!) Models Own Golden Peach NP090, it's such a beautiful, happy colour.. and yes I am aware that it's not yellow.. but it has gold shimmer in it! <3

So What I did was paint my nails with a coat (or 3 because the coverage wasn't great) with the stinky yet pretty Lemon Drop! I then got a piece of plastic packaging (the film that my sponges came in) and I cut up a make-up sponge into a small wedge. I started with just the BYS and put a blob of it on the plastic then dabbed at it with my sponge, then dabbed the sponge onto my nail making sure to leave an area untouched at the base of the nail to let the lightest colour show up =) I then mixed the BYS and Golden Peach together to create a mid shade (I used 2 parts yellow to 1 part peach) and repeated, further up the nail to create a gradient.. then I used the Golden Peach on its own, but just a light covering..

So, what do you think? I might try this with blues at some point, it'd look good with all colours actually! I wonder if I could manage to create a rainbow effect.. that's totally on my to-do list now!

Here are some of the other mani's that I've been rocking lately, sorry for the crap pics but I took one of them on a train and it's all blurred haha! (It looks better in the pic with the purfume so just ignore the insanely pink bottle and look at the nails lol) The top 2 pics are using Orly Robo Romance and VIP. The middle two are using GOSH Lavender Love and NYC Starry Silver Glitter. The bottom pictures are Models Own Utopia.


PS, for a bonus here are some pics of one of my cats (Clawd) licking a spoon of malt extract. Enjoy! 


Gemx said...

I really like the yellow sponge mani and the glitter tips mani, very pretty!
Your kitty has a giant tongue! Soo cute!
Good luck with your last exam! I finished my uni exams last week, I was so happy after that last one, I couldn't stop grinning to myself! :)

Leishasaurus said...

Thank-you! I was pretty pleased with the way the sponging turned out =) and the pink glitter lasted a week before I reluctantly had to change it!
Thanks for the luck, I need all I can get I think haha just this last one then I'm all done and can go home to my massively-tongued cats! He really loves malt extract!

StineN said...

I loooove the yellow-orange thing on your first picture! <3

-Am now following your blog

Leishasaurus said...

Aww thank-you that's very kind of you! xx