Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Favourite Things

Yup, I'm bored. So I thought I would write a post about my favourite things in my life so that you guys can maybe get to know me a bit better.. Though it does feel that mostly I am talking to myself on this thing lol ah well.

So here goes.. In no particular order (Except the cats, they definitely come first).

My favourite things:

Obviously it goes without saying that I adore my family, my friends and my boyfriend so I'll assume that that's understood and move on to more material things lol

My cats:

Not that cats are material, of course.. In fact I rather think that they own me! These pictures pretty much depict what I love about my cats. Willow (top) is soft, fluffy, gentle and loving. Clawd (bottom) is brave, stripity, gorgeous and absolutely hilarious. I miss them terribly when I'm at uni (like now) and they're a huge part of my life! They make me so happy!


I like anything yellow. It's my favourite colour, it's so bright and happy and cheerful! Lots of people say it's "hard to wear" but that doesn't phase me at all, I'd much rather wear it, look silly and feel happy inside than not wear it at all for fear of someone not liking it. It's a glorious colour!

Irregular Choice Bunny Shoes!:

Oh yes, these are a total fave. So much so that my wonderful boyfriend bought me the black and pink pair as a dissertation present, even though I already have them in turquoise! Behold!
Aren't they beautiful? You don't even need to answer that because I know they are lol and they're so comfy! I wear them all night and my feet don't even begin to hate me for it! I have so much love for these shoes!!

My Chamilia Bracelet:

My brother got me the bracelet and my dad got me the turtle Pandora bead last Christmas. This bracelet is just so beautiful and what I love about it is that I chose the beads I wanted so it's personal to me! I have a best friend charm from my friend Carrie and one from Laura which remind me that I'm loved when I'm feeling sad. The beads make a nice tinkling sound as they move around which is soothing and lovely! It's the most expensive item of jewellery that I have ever owned and I love it so much! 

 My Piano:

Yes, it's old.. yes, it's second hand.. yes, it needs a bit of tlc.. but it's my piano and I love it! There's nothing better than sitting at it in an empty house playing whatever comes into my head. That cats generally tend to hide when I do though =\ I do so enjoy playing Chopin!! It gives me time to think, it relaxes me and clears my head.. It's my me time.. 

Video Games:

Ok, I confess it, I'm a totally gaming geek. I love Zelda. I still have my N64 and I play it regularly. I have a level 85 on World of Warcraft (Feral Druid, if you're interested!). Last time I was at my boyfriends we spent a week playing Fallout 3 lol. Yoshi is probably my favourite character and I'm totally a Nintendo fangirl! I watched most of the E3 stream and drooled a lot over the awesome future releases haha I'm so getting a Wii U and I have a 3DS on my birthday wishlist! I could go on and on about my favourite games.. maybe I'll do that in another post..

Panda Hat:

I love my panda hat from River Island. It comes everywhere with me. It's a great conversation starter, I even had my picture taken by a random guy in a shopping centre because of my hat and bag combo! I'll show you the bag next lol.. But yeah it's so comfy and keeps my ears warm plus it's a freaking panda!!! Love, love, love! 
Panda Bag:

I love my panda bag! It's huge! It holds everything I need and more plus it's a panda! <3 I got it from Octopus in Covent Garden, London =) 


Yup, I love dinosaurs. Big time. For christmas last year my mum actually knitted me a dinosaur jumper. It is totally immense, the best jumper dress ever! No one has anything like this and no one will because mum said that the 3 months  it took her to knit it nearly killed her... I took that as a joke.. =s but yes I totally love dinos, I went to the Natural History Museum to see the dino exhibit there with my bro! It was awesome. I got a keyring. lol
 The Zoo:

Along with my love of extinct critters is my love for living ones! I adore going to the zoo and I'm planning to go for my birthday in July with a whole bunch of friends and family! The nearest zoo to me at home is Colchester zoo, they have sun bears and a leopard! I also love to see the otters! Those are my three main animal loves.. big fuzzy beary things, spotty catty things and squeaky ottery things! Ahh I want to go now!!! I went to Longleat with Carrie and Dan a couple of weeks ago.. it rained but I still loved it! 

Rainbow Converse:

These are my rainbow converse. There are many like them, but these are mine. And aren't they beautiful? /sigh.. I took the pic in the garden hence the undergrowth.. note the dinosaur socks..

TOTORO!!!!! He's so cute! *Squeeeee*
Lemon and Lime Marmalade:

I love this stuff. I have it on toast and it is divine! Who knew that so much happiness could come in a jar for £1.49??
Cooking and Baking:

I enjoy cooking, especially for others.. but I get quite stressed if I'm crowded in the kitchen lol so I tend to cook by myself... with baking though I love making cakes with my brother, we made a banana cake and it was amazing! Here are a few of my creations, including lemon chicken, lime and chilli chicken and said banana cake!

Whittard of Chelsea:

Omg I love that shop. I have so many mugs and plates and bowls and all sorts lol! Their Peach Melba instant tea is like drinking molten Jelly Babies! I might have to brew myself a cup in a minute! I go in the Winchester branch so much that the manager recognises me and says hello >.< Maybe that's a sign actually.. I need to cut back my Whittards habit... hmm...

Well I'll probably think of more, but that's it for now! Hope you know me a bit better for this post, it certainly gave me something to do for a while! I'll look forward to possibly maybe having some comments =)



Gemx said...

Awww such gorgeous kitties, I want to scruff them, especially Willow with that fluffy tummy!
Ooh you play WoW! I used to play all the time! I can get back into it now my uni stuff has finished, I've missed the whole of the Cata expansion! :o
I love the dino jumper, rainbow converse and the panda cuteness too! Basically I want your wardrobe! :P

Leishasaurus said...

Gem! Hello =D Willow is so scruffable lol her tummy is just so nice I could fall asleep laying on her.. if she'd let me.. which tbh she probably would..
I had to cancel my WoW subscription because of exams but I'm thinking I'll start up again when they're over and I have some free time to spend killing murlocs! Cata is great, you'll love it! I finally got my 100 mount achievement!
I do have a rather unique wardrobe don't I lol I'm glad you like it though, the dino jumper is my favourite thing ever! I wore it constantly over the Christmas hols and my mum was worried that I'd wear it out!
Thanks for commenting, it means a lot =) Are you still in Southampton? I'm heading down on Weds for a bit of shopping!

Gemx said...

Aww, my cat doesn't approve of cuddles, he'd rather play and try and eat me!
I did a bit of beta Cata and it looked pretty awesome. Grats on your 100 mounts achievement, I love the look of the dragonhawk mount :)
Yeah, I'm still in Southampton, I live here so I don't go home for summer :P
Your giveaway goodies arrived yesterday, if you're still in Southampton later on in the afternoon I could give them too you? Of course that is going to sound a little creepy isn't it? Like I'm luring people with pretty polish into an unmarked van...I'm not I swear! :P