Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Nail Art

Heey everybody!
"Heey Dr Nick!"

Today I have for you my attempt at a Jubilee manicure! I'm not overly patriotic, but I do love England for its history and scenery =) so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things the only way I know how!
This manicure took just over half an hour, which was lucky as I was going to a BBQ (in the rain) shortly after. The bf played D3 whilst I painted =)

I made a few errors with this, firstly I did the flag from memory and didn't leave gaps between the red + and the red x, which was a bit of a rookie error tbh.. Also I meant to do both of the flags on my ring fingers but I did the sponging first and managed to sponge the ring finger on my left hand without thinking lol 
I'm still pretty pleased with this! I love the way the gradient looks against the white and I like the flags despite the error! (oops)

I also attempted to do Jubilee eye shadow but I don't really like it haha, still here it is!

I'm much more comfortable with nail art >.<

What do you think?
Let me know!


PS. Here is a pic of my friend's cat Lucian who was overseeing proceedings at the BBQ


Stephanie said...

How freakin cute!!

kirstyb said...

nails look amazing

TayloreJazmine said...

so i love that you love nails and i love that you love cats because i love nails and cats too. lol Whatever im a freak!