Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Models Own Pro - Yas-Mint


I'm two days into my nail polish ban and I'm already struggling. I managed to resist ordering some more Models Own Pro on during the last 20mins of the 3 for 2 offer.. I managed not to order the Nubar 2010 polish that I've been lusting after for months.. but what's really got me is that there are only 3 of the Glitter in the Air polishes by Deborah Lippmann left on eBay. Bad times. 

So right, on saturday I bought some more Models Own Pro as planned. My last polish buy before their coloured shatters come out (I promised myself I could get the yellow one) and the holo nails inc ones ofc! I refuse to miss out on those, especially since I don't own any holographic polishes.. except the China Glaze OMG top coat, which really needs to be added to an already holographic polish otherwise it needs like 6 coats to get a nice effect..

So I got Lavender Blue, which I really wanted after getting Mauve Over (which is the same shade but pearlescent)! I got Yas-Mint which is a lighter mint than Jade Stone and has a pearl shimmer to it! And after seeing that Mellow Yellow was out of stock I started picking up the others so see what they looked like.. when I got to Cuter Pewter I stopped because I had found the one! It's actually stunning. It's a muted gold fine glitter with larger holographic flecks in it! <3 So those are what I got, 2 pastels and a super shiny sparkly polish! Yay! Oh and these polishes smell amazing when dry!! I keep sniffing my hands haha!

I decided to use Yas-Mint first, I was going to paint bunnies on them too but I didn't because I have my best friend's birthday party on saturday, which I'm travelling up from Winchester to Ipswich for, so I'll be redoing my nails on Friday for that! 

But yeah I couldn't see the pearl of Yas-Mint on my nails as much as I could with Mauve Over, but it's a gorgeous colour nonetheless! It's so summery and happy! I'm loving my pastels at the moment and I've had a few comments on this particular shade even without any nail art! So that pays for the polishes =) The formula on this is really nice as well, the coverage is great - I used 2 coats! I didn't get any bubbles this time and I think it's because I used my GOSH base coat rather than the Barry M one.. I wanted to grab the Models Own one but they didn't have any in stock on Saturday. I'd love to get more of these polishes! Especially the other pastel shades!

I just have to resist eBay... or get someone to buy Glitter in the Air for me.. pfft lol like that's going to happen!!


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