Monday, 11 April 2011

Models Own - Golden Peach

I do so love my little brother lol we were in boots and I noticed the Models Own stand with its brightly coloured nail polishy goodness all lit up and displayed nicely.. and he said that he would buy me one providing that I could choose it within two minutes. Now, I am utterly useless with decision making at the best of times but when it comes to nail polish it can take me hours to choose so two minutes was pushing it a bit! I did narrow down my selection to three or four and after panicking a little bit decided on a gorgeous shimmery shade called Golden Peach. Oh boy am I glad I chose this colour! I was so excited about trying it out that I was a bit hasty in removing the deep teal colour that I had on and made my fingers blue. I scrubbed them but the colour wouldn't come off so I had to wait -.- lol.. patience is a virtue right? So the next day, after dreams of peach nail colour, I set about making my fingers pretty! My base coat of choice at the moment is one that I picked up in poundland, it's GOSH vitamin booster, it goes on nice and smoothly and I don't feel bad about using lots of it because, hey, it was only £1! 

The peach colour itself is amazing, it has golden yellow flecks in it but they are small and create a sheen that is very visible in all lights! These pictures were taken a week after application and up until just now when I bashed my finger accidentally had absolutely no chips in them! This has to be one of the longest lasting polishes that I own! I applied two coats and forgot to put a top coat on even! So it's not like I even tried to protect the colour!

So yeah I'm just going to rave about the quality of this product for a bit! At £5 my brother thought I was crazy.. and maybe I am a little bit, but you really do get what you pay for! The number of times that I have been disappointed with a polish that I have spent maybe £3 on and hasn't lasted or applied very well.. but Models Own really seem to know what they're playing at! I like this colour so much that I even painted my toes to match =D And having chipped them just now I think that I'll reapply the same colour on my fingers! This is something that I *never* do! I always change my nail colour! I guess this polish is a winner!


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